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Monday, September 3, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Freetown, Massachusetts on 2018-08-21 20:30:00 - Witnessed 2 ufo's 1 of them approached hovered overhead change direction is drastically then i followed

I was driving north on route 140 when i entered the freetown area and to my west i noticed a disk shaped object about 60ft off the ground coveted in red pulsating lights i then pulled over to observe as i watched the disk headed south at an extreme rate no of speed. i then observed another craft to my southwest which was a boomerang shape covered with very bright white blue and red lights this object was also no more than 60' off the ground. i pulled out my cell phone to try and record a video but it was not very good quality because at the time the object was probably a 1/2 mile away or more from my location i saw and then died and for some reason would not turn back on. i observed it hovering it then traveled in a straight line towards me as if it knew i was watching it. went right over my head hovered did a 180゚ turn directly above me and continued back south when it again stopped and hovered i observed it for about 10 minutes when it started to travel west in a straight path i followed in my car for almost 30 minutes until it disappeared right after it disappeared the red disk shaped object came back from south of me traveled north where i observed it hovering for several minutes it then went west at a high rate of speed not long after maybe 3-5 minutes i observed what i believe to be a plane but this plane was unlike anything i had ever seen it was probably less than 200' off the ground the entire bottom of the craft was entirely bright white lights it appeared to be in pursuit of the disk

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Credit: MUFON

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