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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Jamestown, New York on 2018-09-12 14:35:00 - At 17 i saw something & now my 2nd one at 41 convinced me.

I think that telling you a little bit about myself would help. i'm a 41 year old machinist/moldmaker/cnc programmer and father of two. i have a 13 year old daughter and a 7 year old son. i take my family and my career very seriously. i'm a serious person accustomed to having to pay attention to detail as my history in hunting, sports, parenting, and my career require it. that being said, here i go. i work in gerry, ny about 6-8 miles north of jamestown, ny. i had just finished work. i got in my cr-v and left work in gerry turning right off of church st. onto rt.60 heading south towards jamestown where i live. approximately 3-4 miles into my drive home as i as was heading up the newly paved hill that the jamestown airport sits atop, i looked over to a large cutout powerline path & set off powerlines with lights on them because they line up with the landing strip on top of the hill. in the day light there is only a few flashing lights atop these structures but at night when a plane comes in to land they turn them on and they're quite bright, even to motorists passing under these lines. if you're lucky, sometimes you're right there the moment a plane goes over your vehicle while you're driving and it's quite a rush because of how low they are. it was to the right of these powerlines around 20-50 ft.Above & half-way over the tree tops but pretty close to my elevation because of the hillside. i quickly pulled over and ran across 3 lanes to see the craft still there above the trees. there was alot of static in the air the moment i got out of my vehicle too. like the static you build up when you shuffle your slippers across a floor and zap your siblings arm with. the craft sat there above the trees and as i got to the guardrail there i could feel the static getting worse but i saw no visual electricity or anything for that matter come out of the craft. it was just there!! i'm assuming this what is referred to as the "the tic-tac ufo" but that's a poor description. it was large, about 65-75 feet long, 14-16 feet high, it's color was white but it's shell had the appearance of gasoline in a mud puddle but without the colors just various shades of very glossy pearl white color, no windows or doors that i could see. not even an outline or visible edges of an entrance on sides i could see. the ends appeared far more bluntly rounded than a tic tac. the craft appeared smooth from what i could see. it's a windy day here and the trees are blowing and it's cloudy with some sunshine here n there, about 73° earlier. i stood at the guardrail and the craft slowly turned and then the static instantaneously stopped and the craft began moving west slowly and then it shot off at an angle up over the airport and out of site. faster than anything i've ever seen in my life. i'm trying not to leave out any details, i think that's it. i couldn't get my phone out quick enough to get a picture or anything. it was weird when was starting to move because at 1st it was smooth & slow and within 1 second it was so fast then it was gone!! others had driven by there, yet there was only 1 motorist pulled over when i went back to my truck. i told her not to tell anyone or she'd be called a crazy like i will be called. personally i don't care what anyone thinks or says because what i saw was better than winning the mega millions!!!! i'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight. if you call please leave a voicemail and call back a few minutes later because i don't answer numbers i don't know.

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Credit: MUFON

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