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Friday, September 21, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in West Memphis, Arkansas on 2017-12-15 22:05:00 - Pair of silent, lightless, triangular craft flew nearly directly overhead

12/15/17, i stepped out back for a cigarette, and, as always, looked up at the night sky on a dark night. movement in the sky from the southeast, in front of me, and slightly to my left, caught my eye. it was two objects traveling at moderate speed. my first instinctual thought was "birds...Geese...Ducks", but immediately realized that they were moving much too fast to be birds. and, there were no discernible movements, such as birds naturally exhibit in flight. so, i followed their trajectory, from the se, to a few degrees from directly overhead, then off to the nw. my first intuition that something was quite odd, after discounting the possibility of birds, was that these aircraft had no lights at all. no wing lights, and no tail beacon. and no sound. nothing. as they approached nearly overhead, i could see them dimly, but clearly. they were in a formation of one trailing slightly behind, and to the right of the other. they were isosceles triangles, with rounded vertices. the sides of the craft were also rounded from top to bottom, on all three sides. there were no discernible obtrusions, and no wings, tail, or rudder of any kind. they were either white, or light grey in color, and were lit only by reflected ground lights, and/or the 1/2 moon, which was very low on the horizon at that time. i could make out patterns of some sort on the bottoms and sides, but can't be clear as to whether they were markings, panel lines, brain matrixing, or any combination of the three. going by visual clarity reference only, not knowing their size, i supposed their altitude to be between 1000 and 1500 feet. as they passed overhead, and continued nw, i suddenly realized that they made no sound. absolute silence. only then did it occur to me that i was seeing something much stranger than a couple of weird looking airplanes, flying at night, with no marker lights. i watched them disappear into the distance, and waited a half a minute longer for the sound to reach my ears. when no sound came, i went inside, noted the time, 10:05pm central, sat down, and began to try to digest what i'd seen. the conditions were clear and dark, with the 1/2 moon low on the western horizon, and not visible to me due to trees. their movement was se to nw in a straight line, and at a steady altitude. if my supposed altitude is anywhere near correct, their size would have been 100-150 feet in length, with a nearly equal, but not quite, width. i estimate their speed to have been 250-300 mph. their strangest characterization, by far in my opinion, was the total lack of sound. the entire incident lasted no longer than 15 or 20 seconds. and, that's the best i can describe it...Until i see them again. and, i'm looking.....Oh, yeah!! i'm looking.

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Credit: MUFON

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