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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Idaho on 2018-06-18 02:40:00 - Large ufo; morphing colors of the rainbow, 10 minute video

This video ties directly to two other videos submitted of a large multi-light ufo, case # 94571 & case # 92802 (# 92802 deemed a level 5). i took a total of 6 videos between 11:30 pm june 17, 2018 and 2:40 am june 18, 2018 of the large multi-light ufo related to case # 94571 & 92802. while filming the 5th video at approximately 12:50 am june 18, a bright white light engulfed the large multi-light ufo. within seconds, the light disappeared, and when it did,the multi-light ufo was nowhere in sight, and there were 2 ufos in its place, one brilliant red, the other brilliant white. since then i've done some researched to see if anyone else reported witnessing this phomemon, and discovered there was. even having this confirmed, i have a hard time believing what i saw. the multi-light ufo was large, with what appeared to be multiple appendages. i can't fathom that a structure of its size could suddenly "blink out" or split in two. but that's what i saw. while filming this event, all i could think of was how glad i was to have caught it on tape. and that's when the battery died. the low battery indicator had flashed a warning just before the camera died, but i'd learned that when it went on, there was another 10 minutes battery life left. that wasn't the case in this instance. i was hoping that plugging the camera into my computer would supply enough power to download the video and be able to view the multi-light ufo split into 2. i went through the motions and rec'd a reading "nothing in queue". i tried everything i knew to do, but i was never able to recover the video. i have had many sightings at this remote location, but nothing compares to the 4 hours i experienced on the night of june 17 and the early morning of june 18. on this tape, i mention the flash of light, and looking for a 2nd ufo. it's a certainty that the ufo seen in this 10 minute video was in the exact same spot as the large, multi-light ufo had been before it disapeared. of all the anomalies i've captured on film,this is by far the most beautiful. it morphs such brilliant colors, and seemed to be showing off--moving within a fairly small space for such a large object, and flashing all the colors of the rainbow!

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Credit: MUFON

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