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Monday, September 3, 2018

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UFO Sighting in London, England on 2018-06-25 13:20:00 - Round disc like object moving through thin cloud cover, looked like a blury shadow moving in straight line

I was sunbathing on the bank of a pond in bushy park, hampton, west london when i witnessed a strange round grey shape moving through a thin layer of white cloud above me travelling in a straight line. the best way to describe it would be a round grey shadow in the cloud, like a smudge. i watched the shadow move through the clouds but once clear i was unable to see it anymore. i'm not sure of the size or hight but the object itself was pretty high up in the sky as i could see a commercial aircraft which appeared very small in the sky in comparison. the sky itself was pretty clear that day except for a few wispy clouds. i wondered if there was anything that could have cast the shadow up into the sky but as i was in a park could not think what could have done this as the shadow was above not below me. the following day i returned to the same location where i witnessed 4 dark military helicopters travelling in the same direction as the shadow had. between the military helicopters there was a single white & blue helicopter. later that afternoon i again saw the military helicopters but this time only 2. over the following weeks/months i witnessed more military helicopters over the area, at one point one even flying straight over my head. i believe the date was on or around the 20th - 25th june 2018 in the afternoon.

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Credit: MUFON

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