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Sunday, September 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Orlando, Florida on 1967-12-30 19:00:00 - Saw 4 different ufos types from 12/30/67 to 09/15/68

1. 1st sighting while visiting relatives on 12/30/1967. at about 7:20 pm we saw a dark disc shape object with flashing red lights rotating around perimeter and an amber glowing ball at the bottom of object. it beamed a red cone-shape light towards the ground. then another identical disc joined the other and both landed behind some trees. then we saw 6 helicopters and 2 jets approach from patricks' afb. they circled the area then left. my relative and i hopped into his truck and tried to locate the disc's, but was unsuccessful. i sat outside waiting for them to take off. at about 1:50 am one of the saucers began rising. it shot straight-up and paused. then a roar could be heard from cape canaveral afs. a minuteman ii missile was launched. the saucer zipped around it then zipped out-of-sight. the following morning i set out to find the landing spot, but the terrain was too thick with vegetation and lost sight of landmarks i was using to direct me. the following weekend my brother accompanied me. we struggled through the thick brush and eventually found an opening where the grass was laid in a circular formation. we think that is were the 2 saucers landed. after that there proceeded on-going sightings that were seen by many others until sept. 15, 1968. 2. we were standing in the mobile home and saw an orange light shine through the windows. 3. we thought it was a meteor and went outside to take a look. 4. see number 1. 5. see number 1. i talked with others at work and many came to visit me wanting to see something. usually they were not disappointed. 6. they flew away.

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Credit: MUFON

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