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Thursday, September 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Merrimack, New Hampshire on 2018-09-18 19:18:00 - I took a photo of the sunset, then went home. when i checked the photo, i saw an anomaly.

I was at the merrimack premium outlets, in the first parking lot (near the mall entrance at the top of the hill). i was walking into the mall, and was currently in the parking lot. the direction that i was facing in the parking lot had maybe, 10 cars total. it was very empty. i did not ever notice the object - i quickly took the photo because i thought the sunset looked pretty, but didn't want to draw attention to myself taking photos of a sunset. i very quickly snapped the picture, without noticing anything. i have no idea how it moved, because i only have 1 photo. i was very freaked out when i saw the image. i had taken other pictures of the sky that night (different parking lot - yes i like sunsets a lot haha) and did not see anything unusual. the picture was a direct image - there is not glass or anything reflective near the image. like i said, even the parking lot had almost no cars, plus it was very dark, so not much shiny stuff around. i did not edit this photo in any way. the only possible explanation that would make any sense is that my camera had some weird malfunction that created that impression on the image, but i don't think that is the case since its always worked fine (iphone 6 camera). one other point is that the parking lot lights do not have the same pattern are the anomaly, so i do not believe that was creating any reflection/glare/impression on the image. also, i don't know if it's a cloud or a lens flare, but there seems to be a sonic-type wave surrounding the object, as if it's moving very fast or effecting the air around it. as a sidenote, i am very aware that it looks like the microsoft logo. i think it's just a coincidence, but to be clear: there is no microsoft store or sign at this mall. just to get that one out of the way. please contact me with any questions. i live close to the site and can go back to document any needed surroundings. i'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Credit: MUFON

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