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Sunday, September 2, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Portsmouth, Ohio on 2018-08-01 22:28:00 - Very bright white lights with random flashing blue, green, and constant bright red strobe flashing.

I was outside at about 10:10 pm and looked toward portsmouth from my yard which means i was looking west. at about 35° above the horizon was what i at first thought was a bright star and then mars, but it was in the wrong spot. then i thought it was a jet as it had a blinking/flashing red light. but, it was stationary...Not moving. then, it started doing bizarre stuff. moving in circles so fast it was hard to follow with your eyes. very tight circles, first clockwise then counterclockwise. very fast zig-zag movements, too. i went in the house and got my wife and my grandson who saw it, too. i called my son-in-law and he went out with his daughter and they saw it, as well. i ran in and got my binoculars and it looked very clear and the red strobe was very sharp and clear. it was no star and no jet! there were two bright white lights always shining and a green, and a blue light that would flash on periodically, along with the very bright red strobe. i watched it continuously until the alarm on my watch went off at 11:00pm and then the thing just went "off"...Turned off, disappeared! at exactly 11:00pm. it was not a drone. nothing we know can maneuver like that, nor that fast! it was so fast that one would at first think that your hand wasn't steady and the movement was the result of your involuntary shaking or movements, but no! i braced the binoculars against steel post and no other objects like stars etc. were moving like that!

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Credit: MUFON

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