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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Edinburgh, Scotland on 2018-05-07 21:30:00 - 2 large orange circular lights. paralell. both moved upwards and towards each other in tandem to meet at the apex of what was outlining an equalateral triangle. apex wa high up in the sky.Left hand light seen the night before stationary in same place. p

Event occurred over 2 consecutive nights at around 9.30 pm around the 7th of may 2018 in glenrothes fife scotland. on the first night i walked out of the back garden and looked left towards the south east. i always look this way at first. above the houses and what seemed like 2 to 5 miles away hang a large orange circular shape. it was about 1/3 the diameter of the moon. i stared at it for a minute or so but then had to go after the dog. the surrounding houses then blocked my view. it was about 25 degrees of the horizon and stationary. when i returned 15 minutes later it was gone. i am sure it was not a lantern or a plane. it was too big and i have never seen any planes in this part of the sky. it was very odd and seemed to be slightly pulsating with what seemed like blurry edges. it was the following night though that really did seem very odd indeed. about the same time the following night i left with the dog and looked again at the same part of the sky hopping to see it again and there it was, exactly as the night before. however almost immediately i became aware of another identical circle of light far to the right on the same horizontal plane. same size and shape and colour. what happened next was amazing. both lights began rising and moving towards each other in perfect tandem. it was clear to me that they were going to meet in the middle higher up in the sky directly above and in front of me, such was the precision of their movement. this is what they did and the shape formed by their movement was triangular, similar in shape to the giza pyramid in egypt. they covered a large area of the sky. it may sound strange but i felt this was a deliberate act and that i was meant to see it. i had a feeling of happiness and contentment and reassurance. i said hello to them as i watched and felt like i knew them and that they were trying to tell me something important. i had a few ideas but i cannot say here, sorry as this would reveal personal information. i do not remember what happened after the lights met high up in the sky where they formed one light. i do remember feeling like i should go after the dog again. i think i had been standing there watching the event for only a short time though. again as on the first night the lights were blocked from my view as i went after the dog. this felt frustrating as i felt torn between watching this event and feeling responsible for the dogs safety. but it is too late now. because the lights (light) was much higher in the sky it must have disappeared very soon after as i would have seen it as i progressed round and back to the house. i was understandably disappointed but felt i had been involved in something special. the time taken for the lights to rise and move together was around 11 seconds. i have looked for these lights since but to no avail. for some days after this happened i felt quite unsettled. not in a bad way just like a feeling of needing to find out what they were and what if anything this could mean. to this day i have been trying to find out if anyone else seen this either here and then, or elsewhere at another time. lately i have been exploring the area beneath where these lights seemed to be and at certain places i have felt a feeling come over me similar that experienced during the sighting. i am continuing this search and i feel driven to do so - yes i am aware this sounds very close encounters of the third kind but it is what it is. i do not want to say more here but this was not the first ufo experience i have had which goes back to my childhood. it is second only to one in terms of its clarity though not the strangest. it was however by far the largest as the whole thing took up most of the sky in front of me. i think this covers everything except to say that this has obviously made a big impact on me. thanks for reading. this is the first event i have shared publically. i intend to do so again if anything else happens.

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Credit: MUFON

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