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Sunday, September 9, 2018

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UFO Sighting in LaFayette, Georgia on 2018-09-08 21:01:00 - It was a sphere triangler shaped craft with white,gold amber light colors that was pulsating around the objects accompanied with the sound of jet like but also the bsound doesnt sound as if it is anything known to us. path se it takes

I contacted nick pope by email and he referred me to this site! at first i was a skeptic to ufos but i am a believer now!!!!This is still a on going event so i will be giving the highlights still further communication is acquired. we were sitting on our front porch one evening talking and looking at the stars when we seen sphere triangle shapes objects in the se. it had white-amber rose gold shaped lights pulsating around the object going in patterns around the craft. it hovered in the sky then took a path towards the sw and very quickly disappeared out of our sight. we have been seeing these crafts, beings in the trees, weird insects, very strange things has happened with my health and as i see these things in the skies nearly every night i am also being referred to as crazy by my family even though they have also witnessed these same things but they just claim it off to be something explainable. it was me and my sister that very first saw this craft that is mentioned above. our reactions was very excited at the time cause i thought how in the world our we really seeing this? is this really happening? but as time goes by and you start to try to tell people about this cool event, they start giving you looks and telling you that your crazy and that it has to be a plane or helicopter etc.I noticed shortly after the sightings of the crafts in the sky at night , we began seeing the white crafts during the day with the odd dark and white clouds that have never left us since the beginning of july after the tornadoes were hitting for 3 to 4 days in a row. i have had a lapse in time for three days prior to the daily sightings and odd things appearing in my internet referring to calling ghost busters and it does sound insane bubt it is real and i have tons of pictures, videos, etc as proof. we can visualy see creatures or faces in the trees and bushes and at first i was thinking it was satan but regardless of what it is it is still here and seems to be attached to me!!!!I have been sick and no one seems to be able to help me and the illnesses are physically and mentally affecting me and my body but insane isn't the case. it has also affected my grand children and i am scared and we need help!!!! my health is one of the craziest things ever, ill have blood work come back and my doctor tells me i have stage 2 renal failure then 2 months later i am told that i am fine, my kidneys work great they say. i am just looking for some closure and acceptance. i am tired of being told i am crazy or i am just making issues up that i most certainly am not. i want to know what possibly is going on in this world. we have hundreds of pictures, wired insects we have bagged and kept form inside and outside our home. i am doing this from a laptop that none of my evidence has not been downloaded too cause i have just received this computer. i thank you so much for your time reading my story and i hope to hear back from you soon.

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Credit: MUFON

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