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Sunday, September 9, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Seattle, Washington on 2018-09-08 18:33:00 - 3 separate ufos caught on camera within an hour of each other- i have videos

This is for 3 different ufos within a span of about an hour- at around 6;30 i decided to take my dog for a walk. i was headed down what i believe was 90th when i see three greyish orbs in the sky in a straight line. i immediately started recording and got them for about 11 minutes between two videos. it forms multiple triangles and is seen hovering and descending until its out of sight. i take my dog home and then return outside about 20 minutes later to see if i could see it again. i walked the block with no luck and when i got back to my house i looked up and saw a black orb in the sky wavering and started recording. this was a small black orb that went through the clouds and looks circular in the video. my dog started barking so i had to go back inside and while watching one of the videos from earlier, the long 2 minute video- at 1:03 you can see what looks like a blip of a ufo on the screen for 1 second- it shows up now where else in the video. in one of the other videos- a bird flies across the screen and you can see it clearly enter and exit the screen whereas the blip is there 1 second and gone the next. i was shocked and shaking and you can hear my commentary in the video. i made sure to get different angles and perspectives, still shots, as well as long shots. in the videos you can see planes and airplanes, birds, and the wind. i mention in the video maybe it being hot air balloons and so i looked up places in seattle and all of them close except for one in burien (south of where i saw the sighting). nothing really makes sense when it comes to what i just saw and im very excited and want to show/talk to someone these videos.

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Credit: MUFON

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