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Thursday, September 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bradford , England on 1974-07-22 00:00:00 - First account 7 yrs old i waved at man & child child waved back

I was walking through devils cave area chellow dene with a friend can’t remember who that friend was. then a saucer shape came from behind a hill very slowly just above head height looking in a gully we both saw two figures in the window & i said wave my friend said no so waved and the taller man looked at his son i assume he said he could wave because he waved back then reversed its direction out of site so we ran home to tell everyone. later that night i awoke to a light at the bottom of my bunk bed and a figure seemed to be appearing, i got scared and shouted for my mum but no noise came out so i banged and banged on the wall vigorously pounding but could hear nothing so i pulled bed covers over my eyes thinking if i can’t see it, it can’t see me. the next thing i was stood on my landing at top of the stairs looking out of the window and my mum suspended in light being drawn into a dark hovering object, the next thing i remember i was in the hovering object looking at my mum on a table through a tv screen there were lots of what looked like small satellite dishes all around the table, ( at the time i didn’t know what these dishes were so in my mind they looked like grass skirted little people with a shilleighley over its shoulder dancing in a circle on one leg going around the table ) at the head of the table was like a tv enclosure but inside it was a big eyeball, the next thing i did was look over my right shoulder and saw what i thought was a massive toad like entity sitting on a chair, the room was black no light, i then looked at who had hold of my hand i remember thinking it was hard to turn and look but i saw my left hand in someone else’s he was shining like light i could only see a little more as i tried to see him but then that was it. i woke up and it was morning i told my brothers and mum in the morning that a ghost was in my room last night then my mum said there’s no sch thing and not to talk about it. i never did talk about it until now, that’s because now in my 50s i was asleep but i was looking out from behind my eyes when fingers started to appear above me then two human hands parted and there was a hole in between them like a wormhole and remember going in coming out on the other side i went passed an enormous human looking being with clouds for hair and beard and mustache that had such a loving look and feel on his face next i looked left and right and said to myself i’m flying next i saw an arched window in a massive clump of cloud and someone shining standing at the opening the next thing i was there standing at a very long corridor with massive white doors on either side going the length of the ship to where at the other end was another arched window but this had a mirror quality to it, then a person came from the last room on the right and walked towards me saying what are you doing here i said without knowing what to say, he said i could see my brother, i think it was through telepathy we spoke. the being was wearing a tunic that shone like light and was triangular in shape down to the floor and his head was like a black cloud on top of this shining tunic and he was about 20 feet tall, he then stretched his hand out and opened the door to my right the first or second door i think, i then poked my head in looking around for my brother and to the left i saw a ramp up to a walk way there was a blackboard on the wall and a table under that a little further along it turned right and a big box shape was at the end that went to the level below in front of that box were 6 to 9 long oval white shining objects in rows of three sat a little lower than the floor with a barrier around them like a fence it was all white and clean and about 20 meters squared. thats it, i don’t know if i saw my brother but i do think it was my spirit that was there because when i was flying i tried to look at my arms as i felt like i was doing a plane shape but saw nothing

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Credit: MUFON

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