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Thursday, September 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Weaverville, North Carolina on 2018-09-18 04:30:00 - With the naked eye i saw a bright light toward the south from front porch. the light moved up and down, then horizontally low in the sky.Another object moved west faster than a plane flashing 1 red light and 3 white ligh

1. at home on the front porch smoking a cigarette. 2. just looking up at the sky for planets because there were supposed to be a few different planets visible in the sky at that time. this was around 3 months ago. 3. it looked like a big star or planet but then it started moving up and down and then horizontally that i knew it couldn't be a star or planet. it stayed stationary also for long periods of time. 4. i have been watching this thing every night now and it has been there almost every night. i will go back in the house and then go out again an hour or so later and it seems brighter, as in closer, and then it will get smaller as if it is moving away. i've seen it move slowly upward in the sky, then float back down. i've seen it move east (to the left) far away in less than a second, way faster than a plane. then it will move back to the area it usually is which is south. it has moved west as well. it also has lights at times and sometimes there is more than one. i've seen red, white, and yellow lights. the ones that have the lights have one red pulsating light and three or four white lights coming from it. it travels really fast to the east until it disappears. then about fifteen minutes later it's back again where it started. there are differences in them in that the ones that go upward and downward do not have the red lights at least as far as i can see. also there has been one larger light with smaller lights coming from it or into it. i've seen the red one, let's call it, going to the left, or east, with an airplane also in the sky far away but it allowed me to realize just how fast the one is going compared to the plane which seems to be crawling across the sky. all of this i can see without binoculars. with binoculars i saw the blue light coming from it. 5. initially i knew this wasn't a star or a planet, so it really piqued my interest so i tried to get my sister to look at it but she couldn't see it, (she does need new glasses). finally a few nights ago she also saw the one with the red light going across the sky and then coming back. she also saw the smaller lights either join in with a larger light or get released from the larger light. and the light moving around in the sky. one night i was kinda scared because it was so big, it just seemed to be too close. 6. only a few nights out of the past three months has this not been happening. i watch them every night.

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Credit: MUFON

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