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Sunday, September 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in North Kessock, Scotland on 2002-06-15 19:30:00 - Large orange cigar/cylinder shape, fiery/molten, daylight sighting.

Sitting in a friends house overlooking hilly farmland and a forest in the distance, we were sitting chatting (i was facing the window he had his back to it facing me) i noticed an orange object in the sky come into the frame of the window. it was a clear summers evening no clouds from what i recall. the object was long, cylinder or cigar shaped as such, took a good few seconds to come right into full view of the window as it was moving very slowly for something that large in the sky, i would say no more than a couple of thousand feet in height off the ground and maybe 1-2 miles distant. its length i would put at about 100-150 ft. it seemed to be "drifting" down for want of a better word at an angle of about 35 degrees or so but in a powered fashion. the striking thing about it was it was glowing orange, but not solid, almost a fiery molten effect, but with no flames or dripping. inside this seemed to be something defined in shape. knowing it was too low, slow and way out of the ordinary to be any aircraft i am aware of i started looking around the room looking for something that may be causing a reflection in the window glass. nothing in the room was glowing orange or could be causing an optical illusion. i looked up again and the object was still there, my friend who i was visiting had noticed me acting strangely and hunting the room with my eyes trying to find reason for what i was seeing and asked what was up, i pointed out the window and just said look at that. he turned and caught the tail end of it, maybe the last 5-8 seconds of its appearance as it disappeared behind the treeline on a hill we were overlooking. he seen something orange dropping down behind the treeline but not any detail like i had due to having his back to the window during most of the 30 seconds or so it was in view. this sighting happened quite a few years ago, i recently came across a posting i made in a chat group many years ago where i asked if anyone had seen anything similar. this posting jogged my memory a bit so i figured i would make an official sightings report. i have an engineering background and i am quite into astronomy so familiar with what is "normal" to see in the sky as an astronomer. this was something very very different to anything i have ever seen. large, glowing, wingless, moving slowly, in the daylight.

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Credit: MUFON

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