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Sunday, September 2, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Colorado Springs, Colorado on 2018-08-31 23:30:00 - Impossible to leave short description

at approx. 12:20 pm on 8/31/2018 in the northeast sky of colorado springs, i and one other person witnessed some sort of aircraft (that seemed to appear out of no where, especially judging by the "trail" it left). we could not tell the shape of it, however it had 3 lights blinking in an "off-beat" pattern. when i say "off-beat" i mean that it was not the typical blinking style of a regular aircraft you would typically see in the skies. the blinks were slow, then fast. there were two light's (two white, one red, the read was smaller in size). there were multiple factors that struck me as "odd", one primarily was that the craft was leaving a "trail" behind it, which is not typical of aircraft (especially at night) and the other being the angle it was flying it. it literally looked like it was in a slow descent heading toward the ground. you can see in the photo's the trail it left, and then all of a sudden it dissapeared as if the "trail" it left, "devoured" it. as it descended lower and lower, in the northwest skies there were two military jets, and a helicopter that were heading in the same direction as the craft. it was at this point that i instructed the person with me to go upstairs and get my camera. it took her around 2 minutes to go upstairs, retreieve the camera and bring it to me, and an additional minute to take the caps off the lens and camera body and attach the lens itself. once again, the main craft we had witnessed had been long gone, however the "trail" it left still remained so i began to take photograph's of the general area of the sky and trail that was left. also by this time the military aircraft i prevously mentioned were also completely gone and out of sight. at that time the skies were completely clear, no aircraft and very little cloud coverage. i immediately went upstairs and began to import the photo's into my labtop and to my surprise upon further examination there is the multiple craft that appear in the photo's. they vary in size and shape as well as brightness. there is multiplle triangular craft, a red "disc" and multiple "drone / orb" looking craft. if you look, with some there seems to be multiple color variations as well as some seem to "morph" within each picture. mind you, that my shutter time was 1/2 second, so while some seem to be stationary, some dissapear in certain frames and other's seem to morph. by definition these are ufo's / uap's as i cannot seem to identify them. included with this report is multiple photo's (which i took the liberty of editing) but i also will include the original raw images that are untouched. below is the model and specifications for the camera i was using. addendum : the night of putting together this report at approx. 11:01 pm on september 1st there was a huge "boom" in the night sky, that shoot my whole house. full transparency, there was a storm tonght but you could easily tell that this sound was completely separate and different from any thundering that was happening. camera body : canon eos rebel sl1 100d shot settings : iso-6400 fstop f/3.5 exposure time : 1/2 second lens information : efs 18-55 mm macro 0.25m/0.8ft processes used in editing - reduce noise, small exposure boost, shadow reduction, clarity boost, vibrance boost, saturation boost.

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Credit: MUFON

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