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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Columbia, Missouri on 2011-03-03 00:00:00 - A star like object

I do not have any pictures; i was young, and in recent years reluctant and too late to photograph what i saw. i do wish to say, without being any more cryptic, i am american indian, (come from such heritage on my father's side), and through my ancestral belief, hold the acceptance other civilizations exist outside of our own. my tribe, (the one i come from ancestrally), holds such to be true; i also wish to say that does not pre-expose me to seeing what i want to see, rather knowing what i may have seen. i apologize for the long message; when i was around 9 years old, my father & i were walking our dog roughly around 2000 hours, on neighboring road to our cul-de-sac. behind a house through a thin tree line, elevated by a decretive wall, in front a sidewalk, i saw a somewhat large, diamond shape object my father pointed out as being a star. young, and somewhat already understanding of ufo "situations," i noticed the star was near the horizon line. the star, radiating out like a diamond, phased from red, to green, to orange, and continued that cycle. i have yet to see that same star. i then one morning, during my sophomore year of high school, had a dream of an amber orb, that shined through my basement window curtains. waking up, to my surprise, it was there; i grabbed somewhat low grade camera that generally would not pick up on atmospheric light sources, and was surprisingly able to photograph it. having told my friend, who shared my interests, and had a page here on facebook, he wanted my picture to be posted as his own. allowing that, posting it, with the statement we will not tolerate the continuos lies that aliens do not exist. about a day after he posted my picture, living near an air force base, which has flights pass my town, columbia, missouri, such as when several chinooks flew by with soldiers setting out of the bay doors, a helicopter was passing over. it was in a direct path of my house, again, not uncommon, the helicopter was black. as it got closer, my top floor windows began to rattle; i called my mom over to see, as the helicopter vibrated the windows, thudding hard, as my mom, and i saw the runners barely clear the house, attached to an extremely dark, coal color aircraft. my friend and i then saw a man in a dark suit, with dark sun glasses, with black ball point pen in his right pocket, standing at a bus stop bench, down town, where we went regularly, and never saw any person with that type of dress near, given it was a somewhat low income area. a few weeks later, driving home with my family in our car, an suv, with tinted windows, black base color, drove behind us for a few blocks, towards the street off of our cul-de-sace. later that night, for almost two hours, a similar suv was at the lip of my driveway, at night, running, and just sitting. i became very paranoid; my friend, an anti-american, who was pro 9/11 was governmental, with reptilian-inclusion of power corroded my trust, but seeing the black helicopter, and suv's, i backed off. around 2011, i saw, during day light, a half crescent aircraft, with at the point of the crescent had almost a horseshoe crap point in the center, if i saw it correctly, drifting, brown, as only as i could describe it as being brown like a daddy long leg. i looked to my sister to get my camera, to capture this aircraft high up, that should have been a dot for as heigh as i saw it, which when i turned back was gone. earlier this year, while walking my dog, i saw, around 1900, a star that began to drift towards another star, which it overlapped, then began to go right, as the one that overlapped it went left. never strobing as a commercial aircraft from what i saw, and the one overlapped was stationary until it was overlapped by the other which was already in progressive, gradual motion. i ran in my house, in tremendous fear, that if they hear my thoughts, they would be invited in to my home, and potentially take me.

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Credit: MUFON

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