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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mesa, Arizona on 2018-09-21 12:27:00 - First noticed along side an incoming plane into sky harbor but going in opposite drctn

I live in nw mesa, 8 miles e of sky harbour and our house is under the various flight paths in and out of the airport. i was out on the covered patio talking to my husband and when we hung up, i got up to go in the house and was facing n. i saw a large white airplane coming in for landing(i was seeing the left side of the plane) when i also saw numerous bright white objects slightly above the airplane, which i first thought were a large group of balloons floating east. as soon as the plane past and i saw these objects,it seemed they had a point to them versus only round like balloons. i could see that there were approx. 12-15 of them and while they were all remaining in a group, each individual one was moving in all different directions around each other. then i saw the group of them move from heading e to now moving forward heading in a s direction. the entire time, they constantly moved in various directions amongst each other, but always stayed in a group. the group would move in fluid motions. they would move s then move back to the n and at times would just remain positioned in one area before once again moving in another direction. the group began circling s over my house and once they circled back over my patio, heading w, they then formed a wide v shape except for one single object that was inside the wide v shape. at the time they formed this v and were heading w they began to ascend to a higher altitude. a this time i also saw another airplane to the left of these objects, which was headed for landing at sky harbour. as the wide v formation was heading in that same direction as sky harbour, it became harder to see them so i am assuming they were climbing to a very high altitude. i managed to get two pics of the objects,im including the original pics as well as a pic of each that i tried to enhance from the editing tool in my camera, but the two original pics are sent exactly as i took them. i have a no name brand smart phone so it doesn't have the best camera in it, and i believe i caught a short glimpse of them in two of the three videos i made. i will send the original pics and videos as well as a diagram to give you a better idea of how it all took place. hopefully you have software to enhance the pics. in the videos, i could barely see them near the roof line but had to keep watching the video by start/stop to catch them. again the videos are very difficult to see them, and in the two photos, look towards the bottom right of the pics. i know what i saw was definitely under intelligent control and balloons or papers could not move as a group, back and forth or stop or change directions and form a wide v. also, the first time i saw them on the right side of the airplane, there is no way the pilots would not have been able to see them, even if they didn't show up on radar. i really hope this information helps, as i know it was reported by others. please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. thank you

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Credit: MUFON

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