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Friday, September 21, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Murray, Iowa on 2018-09-20 20:50:00 - Orb different colors, tubular light, straight pole light with circles spaced evenly, image formed in the sky background lightning followed by storm

On sept. 20th around 8 pm i took a walk to watch the sky as i have for the past two years. the sky in our area every evening for the past two years is full drones of all sizes, orbs, drones that seem to sit on a platform in the sky. at times during the day one can hear sounds of clanking as if the vehicles ate being organized for the night flight. there seems to be 2 to 4 very bright lights that monitor trafficking. we live in the country at the end of a gravel road that connects to a dirt road. very little road traffic. no longer do i fear what is up there after two years of watching. the orbs that i saw in the sky early on were green and blue. at night when i would wake up at night i would see 4 to 5 of the orbs hoovering near the ceiling (inside the house) note: the size of a dime. it was distrubing and of course no one believed my story. on this particular night on 9/20/2018 i photographed an orb, a tubular wormlike light that was on the ground and moved away from me, (i rarely take photographs as i normally receive an adverse effect that disturbs me. yesterday early evening i phographed the sky in the west which looked like an enormous planet. tonight the same thing only it was dark and lighting in the background. i start clicking the camera to catch the lighting to later the view the captured photos in which an image was observed. every evening to look for lights that move, that are not ordinary or move differently than the 4 or 5 drone models that i recognize. the orb was moving, once it realizes i am watching it pretends to be a star. the wormlike tube felt like a warning to knock it off. these days i do not provoke their existence. after the the sighting and pictures a strong thunderstorm followed with winds of 35 to 45 miles an hour. what i have observed in my opinion is a mixture of strong military presence along with ufo's, sky changes, strange weather and even see very odd things during the day. to give you an idea i see 50 to 100 flying things in the sky every night excluding airplanes. i constantly watch the sky if i get up night for orbs hoover, during the day i always feel a certain amount of protection as hundreds of pictures are being gathered. i finally told my story no longer caring about the ridicule. wanted to write this a long time ago. feared (they wouldn't like it) they have calmed down and no longer see me as a threat.

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Credit: MUFON

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