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Sunday, September 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Roswell, Georgia on 2018-09-22 23:15:00 - My sister and i were walking through the city of roswell talking about conspiracies when i noticed a green fireball with a red dot. considering our circumstances, this was pretty ironic, so i pointed it out to my sister who stared in awe just as i had.

It has been a long held tradition for my family to walk down the city of roswell as a way to bond and relax. for the most part, this time wasn’t different. although, there were some odd moments when street lights would flicker on and off. my sister and i were conversing while walking ahead of our parents. i was talking about being in my school’s conspiracy theory club when, as if by cue, i noticed a large circle in the sky, sorta like a fireball. it was green with a small red dot, and i thought that it was part of a firework, but there was no sound, and it was gradually hovering down in the neighborhood behind where we were walking. i quickly tugged on my sister’s shirt and pointed at the sky, my mouth gaping with speechlessness. she had a similar reaction, considering how ironic it was that we were talking about aliens and the illuminati while experiencing her first ufo encounter. the fireball moved in a downwards diagonal direction and got lost in the trees and houses. the both of us returned to our parents who were not aware of what happened. i thought for some strange reason that everyone in the area must have seen it since it was so bright, but we were the only two. i wish that i could have taken a picture of it, but my phone was in the car, and i probably only saw the light for less than a minute. i assumed that it must have been a drone, but comparing it to pictures of drones i found online, there wasn’t a resemblance. my sister said that she was positive that there was no way it could have been a drone. she didn’t seem to want to talk too much about it, and she looked pretty shaken up. i have always enjoyed hearing about and, admittedly, making fun of conspiracies, particularly ones related to more intelligent beings. however, this experience has made me revaluate whether there is truth to it after all.

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Credit: MUFON

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