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Friday, September 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ocala, Florida on 2018-09-27 18:59:00 - First appeared as just a stationary white spot at a very high altitude at approximately 5pm as i was sitting on my patio.

I was outside sitting on my patio facing to the south. at approximately 5pm est, i had been watching some of the airline traffic descending towards the orlando airport when all of the sudden, a small white dot like object appeared in the sky a little to the sse. it was absolutely stationary....No movement whatsoever! i went to the back door and called my wife to come out and see it. she said " maybe it's a planet" and i told her no way. i went into the house to get my 10x50 fuji binoculars so as to get abetter look at the object. the object appeared to be a perfectly round/disc shaped object about the size of a golf ball in my binos. it was a white/grey color with light reflecting off of the west edge. at first, i thought it was some sort of high altitude balloon. however, it did not move at all. the only movement was in my hands and arms as i tried to remain still. i then sat back down on a patio chair in order to brace myself. the object still hadn't moved. then, as i was watching the object through my binos, a large passenger jet passed through the field of my vision and it was then that i realized the objects altitude was possibly several miles higher than the airliner. a couple of my neighbors 2 houses to the north of me were outside sitting on their patio. i walked down to them and pointed the object out to both of them. they both though maybe it was a balloon at first until i let one of them look through my binoculars. he went inside to get a camera and a tripod but the camera kept automatically locking onto a tree branch. he gave up on the camera and went back inside to get a pair on binos. he was like me, bewildered. i went back to my patio and continued to watch the object. i began to notice that on the west edge of the object there appeared to be rectangular/square windows/lights and something like a bar accross the bottom of the object. i again went to the back door to call my wife and she looked through the binos and said she thought it almost looked like the face of a clock. i decided to call the ocala pd to see if they had received any reports of this object. they referred me to the marion county s.O., which i called and asked if they had any report of the object and they to said no. by now, the object is almost overhead and a little to the east of me and the sun is getting lower in the sky. by now, i have seen several other passenger jets and i would look at them through my binos then back to the object in order to get a better idea of how high and how large the object was. now, i could definitely make out various patterns/ configuration such as light and/or windows around the edges of the object and a clock like hand on the bottom center. i called the marion s.S. again and the dispatcher told me there was no record of my previous call to them. she asked if i wanted a deputy to respond to my address and i told her no. i told her have someone go outside and look up and they should be able to see the object. by now, the sun is pretty much set on the horizon to my west and through my binoculars, i could see even more details of the object. it was definitely not a weather ballon of any type nor was it any kind of military (known) aircraft. the darker the sky got, the brighter the object appeared and that is when the object stared to ascend very slowly straight up. through the naked eye, it just appeared to be a star, but with my binos, i could see the various characteristics of the object. then, i noticed a one second pulsing of some type of light coming from the 4 to 7 o'clock position of the object. almost like an electrical arc. after about 5 tp 7 more minutes, i could hardly make out the object with my binos. again, the object appeared to have ascended straight up. while i observed the object, it never moved side to side or up and down. absolutely no irradicate movement whatsoever!! i observed this object for at least 2 to 2 1/2 hours. my wife came out at various times to observe the object and she too notice the window/light shapes on the outer edges of the object.

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Credit: MUFON

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