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Thursday, September 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Lebanon, Pennsylvania on 2018-09-19 23:04:00 - Rectangle shape slimmer width. yellow to orange to red sequnce.Fast west,abrupt faster turn south sudden,

Back yard letting my dogs out before bed. saw moon then jet near.Object entered into my view passing through the moon & plane much faster & bright. i watch planes from harrisbrg, airport for 12 years.Flight pattern is near harrisburg pa. airport approx. 30 miles frommy home, sighting area,observered 10o's over the dacde & identified many helicopters & jets froim indiantown gap as well. this was nothing at all like i ever observed ever anytime.And my 1st. sighting that i am credibly convinced as to i have just saw a ufo in my amatuer opinion. change it was not in her vison field,i witnessed the entire incident without looking away at all.Object came in fast from south for (approx 9 seconds in direct view & called out for my wife to see it,she is a lil shorter & as the object made the very abrupt sharp & split direction very fast into south being about 13rd. above my horizon field of vision.After the abrupt jet turn,i lost full vison immedatly.Totka approx viewing time less then 19 seconds froom start to loss sight of object.Sincerly & already know there out there but in my 50 yearsof looking up i never saw what i know belive i did.Wow! i have never reported anything in my life nor would not if it was not a profound emotionally cgarged exciteabke happening! i listen to coast 2 coast for many years & your weekly reports. i am not a skeptic of ufo's/aliens nor was i actually 100% tha believr.Now im a witness.I immediatly wrote this brief quick report to get it out on paper while i was tottally in tune with the details

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Credit: MUFON

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