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Friday, September 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Telford, Tennessee on 2018-09-13 06:29:00 - Noticed glow through windows so went and looked and noticed bright light in sky that morphed into two lights. it hovered then descended

I was sitting on my couch and noticed there was a yellow bright glow coming through the windows. i decided to go to the kitchen and see what it was. at first it was just 1 bright circular light in the sky and i thought maybe it was a reflection, so i turned off all the lights in the house and took another look. it was still there.. right above the tree line in my front yard and it was getting lower. then it just like shifted into 2 lights and it looked like it was about to land. so at this point im like omg what is this so i got my phone out and started to film it. this was the 2nd time in a week that i seen these same lights but the first time they wasnt moving or anything, so i thought it was nothing. afterwards i felt really dizzy and just confused. while all this was happening my brother had pulled up and was just sitting out there.. for at least 30 mins so i looked out the door and it looked like he had a girl with him.. giving him some pleasure maybe lol so i didnt go out there. then like maybe 30 more mins passed and i was like, i should check on him. when i went outside i honestly thought he was dead. he was pasty white and didnt look right. i went up and asked if he was ok and he just looked at me blank and nodded off. so i went back to my porch and finished my cigarette. then he just like jerked forward and almost hit the steering wheel then jerked back.. it looked like he almost broke his neck. so i went back to his window and asked if he was ok. and he was like what happened, how long have i been out here. i was like at least a hour and im not sure what happened. i was like i sent u 8 messages, did you see that light in the sky.. i kept asking you if it was safe to come outside and he was like i didnt see the messages yet and i just dont remember anything.. even how i got home. then i asked him where that girl went and he said there was nobody with him.He also said he felt different and just refreshed and strong.. it was just so odd. i told him what i seen and showed him the video. im not sure if the 2 events have anything to do with each other but we both felt like they did.. i also noticed in my phone 3 blank videos from 3 hours before this happened that i dont remember filming. it was all just so weird. ive felt so strange since this happened. my whole day yesterday was like dejavu. everything that happened the rest of the day was like a dream.. it was like dejavu like id done it before. idk.. i just cant make since of any of it.. any insight??

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Credit: MUFON

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