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Sunday, September 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Melbourne, Florida on 2018-08-15 00:00:00 - Round, stead silver white, slowly steady fading out over 30 sec until it was no longer visible

Went out of my garage about 5:00am. garage faces due north. immediately noticed round silver white object exactly in the direction of cape canaveral because i normally watch launches and know exactly where they rise from. thought it could be a launch but, not bright enough and held steady. i continued to watch the object in case it was a landing light from aircraft approaching melbourne airport. no shaking, evelavation change, change in brightness (not bright enough), it just stayed there. it was so different from anything i had ever seen, i just kept looking at it bc my first impression was it was a ufo but, i knew i had to be wrong. i even had my cell phone with me and could have taken a picture but, i just didn’t want to take the time in case it did something unexpected. after about 3-4 minutes, it slowly started to dim. it did so, very steadily, for about 30 sec to 1 minute until it was no longer visible. during the dimming, the center appeared to darken just a bit faster than the rest of the object which gave it somewhat of a spherical appearance before it completely faded out. the object remained completely stationary the entire time. the edges were sharp the entire time including to the point it faded completely out. the aura i saw was more like the object illuminating the immediate air surrounding it. normally, i’m pretty anal, and would have written down the time and date but, i didn’t? not like me at all. the whole time, i was sure it was over cape canaveral but, there’s no way for me to know that for sure because the cape is about 45 miles due north of me, and i had know frame of reference to know how far away the object was. but it was dead on, in the direction of the cape. i’ve seen dozens of launches, and i’m a space geek. i’m also very into aircraft and can identify dozens (maybe hundreds) of types, military and civilian, by sight. this object has been on my mind ever since i saw it. about a month ago, i started doing searches to see if i could find any similar unidentifiable objects. some of the orbs i’ve seen pictures of look similar but, they look too white, bright, and people describe them as moving. this was almost as bright a venus, about 4-5 venus’ wide, and, obviously, in the wrong direction. it wasn’t a meteor, plane light, rocket launch, flare, or a reflection. it was a totally clear night. i felt so sure it was a ufo, i didn’t even tell my wife what i saw until a month later. i almost felt, about halfway through, it knew i was looking at it but, that it didn’t care i was watching. since seeing the object, i stopped drinking beer, taking pain meds for my back, and anti anxiety meds for ptsd. i have suddenly become a lot more physically active and emotionally, more calm. i don’t know what it was that i saw but, i know it was nothing i have ever seen before in my life. i’m pretty knowledgeable about the night sky. this, i haven’t a clue what it was.

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Credit: MUFON

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