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Sunday, September 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Nehalem, Oregon on 1979-05-19 00:00:00 - We were making breakfast and camping everything got silent and as gravity seem to get turned off and everything was floating in the air in dead silence and then it all just stoped to the ground

my friend and i were camping at lake soapstone very remote hidden lake in the oregon coast range it was may 1979 lake soapstone is probably 10 miles deep in to the forest off highway 56 we drove to the end of a old blown out logging road to the point the road had washed away ... at the point we hiked in the last 1/2 mile or so. we took a big camp box that was my dads olld foot locker from ww2 with our cooler and stove and food. this little lake has no camp sights or improved camping sights. there is a grass level spot on the side of the lake where there are two trees that were cut for a meat rack for hanging deer elk during season ...We use that for a makeshift tent with a tarp over it. we swam and shoot taggets all afternoon... it was a a beautiful spring afternoon in the coast range . we had a small camp fire and roared some hot dogs ... i had brought a big boom box so we could listen to the radio. there were few radio stations that would come it so far from a big city. kyxi was the only strong station. we talked and had a few beers left over from graduation party and talked into the night. we went to bed around 1030 or so. kyxi was playing on the radio ... the air was calm and frogs were making a a lot of noise and crickets and bugs were making alot of noise the dj on the radio gave the time as 1130 .. i turned off the radio so not to drain the battery. the sounds of the forest and lake were soothing. instantly all sounds of the forest stoped and we were floating in the air .... next thing we got up ....Odd i was on my back when this started and i was on my stomach in my sleeping bag when i came too ... my friend said what the hell .. we grabbed our guns and yelled .... we will shoot this is not funny. no response. we open fire and shoot round after round into the woods ... after that we settled down and caught our breath. the sounds of the forest had returned....I turned on the radio kyxi. dj said it was 430 and we just looked at each other and layed back down to sleep we could not sleep guns in hand we waited for daybreak .... as the ski lightened i started the colman stove and started making breakfast bacon eggs and pancakes... my friend was sitting in the tent watching me cook . all seemed to be back to normal.... again the sounds of the forest went silent .... everything and me and my friend lifted off the ground .... there was no sound no dish noise bumming into each other the pans on the stove no sound at all. then everything just dropped ... we grabbed our guns and did not stop shooting into the forest till we were almost out of ammo ....We packed up fast and hiked out to the truck and drove home i dropped my friend off and we talked about it and said we would tell no one ... weeks later my dad came down to my room and said my friends dad had called and asked if i was ok. i told him what happed he just sat in silence.... he said we need to go up so he can see this place .... my friend and his dad were on there way up there already. it’s a hour drive or more . we hiked in to the lake and i showed my dad the place we camped ... this was weeks latter .... we found the two meet poles and fire pit ... what we did not expect to find was a round circle of dead grass not far from our camp sight with four trenches heading out lfrom all sides of the circle. my dad and my friends dad took pictures we did not talk about this to anyone ..... now almost 40 years later i am sharing this story in public for the first time ....

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Credit: MUFON

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