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Friday, September 7, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Alien Encounter in Wetaskiwin, Alberta on 2015-06-13 10:14:00 - Camrose/ponoka/wetaskiwin/hobbema

In regards to badgering and harassment with episodes and telepathy. the last place i lived, people would yell at them over the balcony to shut up and stop harassing. people have companied to me a lot about those two and then some wing nut who i told the rcmp who need a physiological assessment saying he's god and harassing people about this. people would ask me for help and protection from them and their kids. meaning grown adults who run around like wing nuts calling themselves kids with some made up cease fire program talking about barn yard animals. the rcmp are aware of this to. i have been working with the rcmp and police to deal with these episodes, 1800 century island. how some of them go around saying they are working with council and i hear a few judges and crown prosecutors have asked for investigations. the police told me i was suppose to be a witness, not them. i have been around a few crown prosecutors and a judge, i think they noticed things, they are observant. some have been under investigation interfering with official police business, hence when an rcmp officer was trying to deal with me with an epo, i was getting harassed by some other individuals about getting a restraining order. an epo and restraining order are different. to help clear up any confusion and rumors about socialization that i have heard. that has to do with the missing persons act. a judge and official police deal with that. i don't tell people what to believe. if something is true it can be proven in the safety of the law. also another thing that has been reported to the rcmp, gang units, interpol, is this cesus, cease fire, fraudulent version going around with some decree to heaven. the rcmp, gang units and interpol are very aware of this also. the rcmp, gang units, and interpol are more than qualified to deal with a fraudulent, deceitful version of their cease fire within the bounds of the law and safety. there is not a lot about these abusive rotten egg farts that the rcmp, gang units and interpol don't know about. they know who they are.

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Credit: MUFON

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