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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Tehran, Tehran Province on 2018-09-08 23:47:00 - Ufo emmiting bright light spots changing in color directing to the ground in web like pattern. then retracted them all into ufo

This happened over in western tehran , and i was a passenger on the car. i suddenly saw numerous strange glowing spots on the sky from the passenger window side( more than 100 spots/dots or maybe bright objects ) in a web like pattern emmiting from ufo into the ground and it looked like it was scanning something. the beams in the air had various different glowing lights, but predominantly green and white. it was me and another person in the car aside from the driver which saw these. at first for about 10 sec , me and the other witness were arguing what these lights are , we thought initially maybe they are laser beams coming from an earthly source , but i tailed the lights with my eye and it looked like all originating from a ufo. we were stunned , when it was evident for me that it was infact a ufo doing this , i was going to reach for my cellphone in which i saw the ufo recalled all the bright objects/spots into itself... by the time i began filming it was just the ufo itself hovering,but it looked stationery and i recorded it. it would change the color and looked rotating when zooming. i recorded that for about 50 sec and then car had to get out of highway and recording was no longer possible. after about 5-7 min later , we stopped somewhere further and i started recording it again for more than a minute close to 2 min. it looked like idling in the sky and not doing anything except changing color and rotating. we finally decided to leave , but 5 minutes later when we stopped at final destination it was gone. so in summary i observed numerous lights/bright objects beamed from sky into the ground in a web like pattern , and then they aggregated into a rope like pattern and were recalled into the ufo. i recorded the ufo afterwards as provided and genuinely believe as a knowledgeable enthusiast about geography, geology and cosmo's this was indeed a unique ufo observation.

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Credit: MUFON

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