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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Halkirk, Alberta on 1998-08-15 00:00:00 - Was woken up by a strange noise and bright light beam shining throughout window onto myself and my sleeping daughter.

My 5 year old daughter and myself had been invited out to be a part in a friends wedding party taking place at their family’s extremely rural summer camp in halkirk alberta. we were there as a group preparing for the wedding a week ahead of time, and the women of the wedding party were being housed in a mobile home on the camp property. one night, just days before the wedding, i was awoken by a strange sound and upon opening my eyes i noticed a very bright beam of light shining in the curtainless window beside our bed. i sat up to investigate, as my first thought was that a helicopter was hovering in the sky above the home, but looking up i realized that what i was seeing was nothing like a helicopter or anything i had ever witnessed before. i saw what looked to be an almost silent, huge dark form hovering in the sky, humming slightly and shining a very narrow beam of light from quite a ways up directly into myself and my daughter. i froze. scared out of my mind in realizing that what i was seeing was not anything my rational brain could figure out. i sat there stunned as minutes went by, and this object continued to hover without moving at all. i finally reached over and woke up my daughter, who instantly became frantic. i grabbed her from the bed and raced to another bedroom which was occupied by another bridesmaid and woke her up to tell her what had happened. the next day i was sheepish to talk about what we had seen as the bride and groom were extremely christian and i thought they wouldn’t appreciate or approve of hearing my story. to this day i have never been able to forget that night, and i have never been able to sleep without windows both closed and curtains closed tight.

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Credit: MUFON

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