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Saturday, September 1, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Delta, Colorado on 2015-07-31 00:00:00 - At first obseervation, it looked like a cylinder. (propane tank)

While archery hunting in the rocky mountains, i was taking a break at about 11:00 am. i heard and saw an small light plan pass by, i thought this guy is a bit close to the ground. distance i was unsure of,but i could see the pilot. or i was at a high elevation. the plan passed by without incident, i continued eating my cumber. and was looking at the sky and cursing the chemical trail in the sky. i looked again a few moments later and seen what looked like a large propane tank floating in the sky above the chem trail, i did a double take at this object, it was just floating along, in no particular hurry, it even slowed down when i went for my flip phone. as it passed by in front of me i waved to it trying flag it down, then i remembered, that all the people i had watched on the internet said they communicated telepathically with et, so i thought to myself this thought. if you can hear me please come back, i would really like to meet you and get acquainted with your race, no mater what you look like. it seemed to know i was wanting to get a picture of it. i selected record hoping for a video of the craft. i followed the craft till it disappeared around the forest trees. then i reviewed the image, huh!. nothing!, just the chemical trail it had been slowly hovering above as it glided by. hurriedly i got off the tail gate of my truck and went to follow it in the direction it had gone, nothing!. i went back to the truck finished my snack, put my quiver back on over my shoulder, closed the tail gate and headed for the forest across the road. when i got to other side of the road i stopped turned around and took a picture of the spot where i camped the night before. this would be part of the narrative i would tell my wife about this thing i had seen floating in the sky. i went to work for a trucking company out of utah the following week. the people there told me i needed to up grade my phone to a smart phone. and so i did. i never bothered to look at the pictures i had taken until i come home for a break. that"s when i saw the craft directly over my pickup truck, and there is a shadow on the ground from it being there. should you want to investigate my claim, please invite me to your facility so i can be sure i won't be intercepted by any other personalities i would consent to public sharing on condition of anonymity.

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Credit: MUFON

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