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Thursday, September 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on 2016-06-16 23:15:00 - 3x bright spheres of lights, no noise, super fast, pictures included

i do not wish to be named or identified. driving home from tucson az out to where i live in vail az, about 11:15pm as i recall, it was a crystal clear night, lot of stars in the sky. i observed a couple planes in the sky from either the tucson airport or from davis monthan afb. but there were three very extraordinary lights in the western sky, nothing like the jets, it was far brighter than anything else in the sky and that is why it caught my attention. at first i thought maybe it was some kind of military craft from davis monthan afb, but i realized the lights were far too bright to be a plane or a jet, plus if they were a plane or a jet it would have had to have been massive to appear that size from that distance (i'm guessing over 10 miles from where i was at). so i pulled over on the side of the road and grabbed my camera to see if i could zoom in on it. i was able to watch it for about 2 minutes, i was also able to get a few pictures. i propped the camera on top of my truck to steady it so it wouldn't blur as bad (trying to shoot night images handheld never works well). i attached two of the pictures. i ran the pictures through fotoforensics as suggested by mufon, i attached the ela from fotoforensics and also you can run the image and you can see the metadata which shows no alterations, no photoshop, these are the original pics. the lights i saw were way brighter than any other planes in the sky that night. these lights were 'not' blinking like the other planes. it was more like a slow pulsating light, a super bright white sphere of light in the center with a reddish orangish sphere on the south side of it and a greenish bluish sphere on the north side of it. the lights went from dim to very bright, then to dim then back to very bright, that is what caught my attention. the lights kind of floated slowly south, then floated slowly back north again, then they dropped down like they were slowly descending, then they floated back upward slowly ascending, started to descend again and then all the sudden poof zip gone the lights shot out across the sky in a northeasterly direction so fast i could hardly turn my head fast enough before the lights started disappearing as they shot out over the horizon, no noise at all. i wasn't able to make out any shape except to say the lights appeared round like a sphere. when it shot out into the horizon, it didn't go "over" my head, but it went over my general direction, all i could see was the lights, couldn't make out any other shapes or features, just bright spheres of light. one thing i noticed before the lights blinked out of sight, the lights looked exactly the same from the backside as they did from the frontside. my thoughts are that a plane would not have had that characteristic, or at least no plane that i've ever seen has that feature. everyone who has seen the pictures said "jet landing" including a pilot friend of mine (usaf a10 pilot). but there is no way this was a jet nor was it landing. when i explain the circumstances and what i observed people defer to a joking matter, but this is not a joke. it was very cool to see, i never felt any fear but my heart was racing after it took off across the horizon, more "wow holy crap" not fear. i don't know if it may have been some new advanced military technology? maybe not, maybe a legit ufo? i don't know. also i cannot say for sure that these lights were all one single object or if they were three different objects? i assume they were all one object because they never appeared to move apart or move independently, but i do not know for sure. in any case, i did try to call tucson airport and ask if they had reported anything unusual from the control tower heading from west to northeast on that date at that time, but i was told that i would have to make that inquiry at a higher level. i never did. there were no other mufon reports in that area on that date from what i can see. ultimately nothing i say or do will prove or disprove what these lights were or were not, so i just kind of left it alone, but i've been reading some very similar reports on mufon. that's why i decided to submit the report to mufon. on a side note, the mufon "apparent size" goes from a golfball all the way to a basketball? this was more like a softball or a grapefruit. just thought i should point out maybe add an additional apparent size like softball or grapefruit? just a thought. i hope everyone who reads this will understand i'm just a normal guy, i work for a living, i'm intrigued by the ufo phenomenon because i like many, many other people, have seen things i cannot explain. but that does not make me crazy, and i absolutely know what i saw that night was not a plane or a jet or lightning or a meteor. maybe someday we will get a more definitive answer, cheers until then.

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Credit: MUFON

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