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Monday, September 17, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Raymond, Alberta on 1980-08-01 00:00:00 - Myself and two friends encountered group of grey’s

Myself and a couple of my friends were coming back from the new dayton bar from picking up a case of beer each for the party our friend and bandmate was having on his farm as his parents were on holidays in california. as we got close to raymond on the southeast access road, i think it was the driver who suggested that we stop by aldred’s coulee, a popular party spot just a few miles south of town, to see if anyone we knew was there? he figured we would invite them out to the party we were going to as we were all guitar/bass players and the host was the drummer and we were going to be playing in one of the outbuilding. there was also a pool, it was going to be a lot of fun for sure! well, as we approached the turn off into the coulee we could see firelight dancing off of the leaves of the large trees at the back of the clearing by the old dilapidated stone house. there was a bit of a ridge between the clearing and the entrance so we couldn’t see who was there as we pulled in until we topped the knoll and holy %@#$!!! there wasn’t a person to be seen, instead what we saw was a group of small, approximately 4’ and 2’ tall, very thin beings with large heads and big, black, almond shaped eyes! they had a bluish/grey colouration to them, very thin bodies, arms and legs. i don’t recall seeing a nose or mouth as they were about 25 yards away. it didn’t seem like they were clothed, although there suits may have been the colour of their skin, but they looked naked to me! they looked exactly what others have reported seeing, the greys people say they see you know? wow! it scared the ‘you know what’ out of us!!! the strange thing about it was that there was a small campfire burning, not large at all, normal sized, but there wasn’t anyone there, nor any vehicles??? i don’t know why they were standing around the pit, other than they may have been showing the smallest ones; i can only assume they were their children, how archaic we humans are, still using fires for heat and cooking??? i recently told a friend and host of a bigfoot/sasquatch program about it and though it wasn’t his topic of interest for his show, he did mention that the small ones could have been workers? i have no idea, didn’t know there was such an entity? ttiny “worker” grey’s? but then i’d never seen an alien period until this happened to us?!? as we crested the small hill and popped over the top they all looked at us and froze! the guy in the passenger seat up front started screaming! “lock the doors, lock the doors!!!” and was frantically slapping at the door lock! i remember the driver looking over at him, then to me and his eyes were huge and he had the most frightened look on his face!!! i reached forward and pushed the council shifter into r between the bucket seats from the back seat. the driver must have felt the car hit reverse because he nailed the gas and we shot backward getting the heck out of there! as we started to reverse i could see the aliens taking off towards the tree line, i remember that they didn’t move like we do. it was a lot more fluid like they were floating! they almost had what seemed to be a blurry trail behind them but that could have just been my imagination as i’m sure i was in shock from encountering these beings!? we did a perfect rockford turn on that tiny dirt trail into the property and we sped off towards the gravel road we came in on, then as fast as the car would go to the highway not too far away. we didn’t stop at the t intersection, we took the corner as fast as we could and punched it again for a mile or so and then we pulled over once we were assured that we weren’t being followed by a craft. there wasn’t an craft at the sight, i’m not sure how they got there, unless it was on the other side of the tree line and old stone house? we just sat in total silence for a minute or so, and then we started asking one another if we’d just seen what we just seen?!? it was crazy!!! after we settled down a bit we all decided that we couldn’t say a word about it to anyone at the party, anyone period to be honest, who would believe us??? we sat and decided to have a beer to calm our nerves, we hadn’t had a drop of alcohol prior to this. that’s when the driver told us about an orange orb, about 3’ round came at him, his older brother and his friend who was driving a few years earlier. the yelling from the front seat woke him up from while he slept in the back seat coming back to raymond from a hockey game his brother played in to be shocked at the sight of this orb speeding down the highway a few feet off the road straight at them! the driver slowed down to a complete stop and as he started to back up the orb rose up over the car and back down along the road and disappeared into the distance! well, get this! what’s the chances that there was two of us in that car that had a very similar experience??? about a year prior to this i saw the exact same thing! again, it was about a 3 foot orange orb that looked like it was going to run into the back of our truck as we were driving down the gravel road south of pincher creek, ab. my friends phenomena happened well after dark on a winters night, my experience happened during the daylight hours, maybe a few hours before sunset. i first noticed what looked like the sun that popped into sight at the top of the hill we’d just driven down, only like i just stated, the sun was setting in front of us, this was coming from the east. i watched as the “sun!” started down the hill as well, it was coming straight at us from behind! i first spotted it in the rear view mirror, after turning around in my seat to look at it, i got my dads attention and pointed out that something very strange was happening. my dad freaked out not knowing what to do! i remember him jerking the stirring wheel from side to side, possibly thinking of turning out of its path, but the road wasn’t very wide and the ditches were quite steep, so he attempted to stop, then sped up again, he didn’t know who to do, he was in a panic when all of a sudden it lifted up from it’s trajectory about 2’ off or the road, over the truck and right back down to its original flight path! we, mom, dad, my sister, and i, watched the orb continues down the road then it lifted into the air in a arch to the right side of the road and it wasn’t long before it shot off at an incredible speed, disappearing into the sky in no time flat! that was only about a year earlier than our grey sighting, around june or july of 1979. i’ve seen a few other very weird light formations, single ufo’s doing crazy maneuvers that our aircraft just don’t have the technology to accomplish, but seeing the actual alien beings tops everything i’ve every experience hands down!!!!! i can’t explain it, did they abduct the ppl that lit the fire and take their vehicles as well??? it was a way too far from town for anyone to be out there on foot, no one walked out to party at aldred’s coulee that i know of anyways??? that’s about it, it was a very quick sighting, but i’ll never forget the look of those beings! they looked just like the pictures others have drawn of them, so i know others have seen them too! i wish i could make a cg movie of the encounter to show other what we saw, it was super scary, but absolutely fascinating at the same time.

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Credit: MUFON

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