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Sunday, September 9, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Kakabeka Falls/Thunder Ba, Ontario on 2018-09-09 21:10:00 - Not the first event. feeling the need to report it since we’ve experienced some weird things over the last 6 months

It started in about september 2017. we moved to our new farm home march 2017. we took a big leap to switch from our old lives in the city and to start farming. my daughter was spooked to tears when an “orb” appeared in the living room one night and shot out into another room. we brushed this off. my dad was then diagnosed with stomach cancer in november 2017. then my mother was diagnosed with a gbm brain tumor in october 2017. we brought my mom to our new home (and my dad) to care for her and try and fight this brain tumor. unfortunately she passed away on father’s day 2018. this was our first year farming. the first time we saw weird lights in the sky was when we were first starting to cut the hay fields. we have 5 witnesses to the first event. since we have started farming it feels as though something has been watching us. there is one strong light in the sky with other lights that seem t shoot out and back to this main light. tonight i brought the dog out to go to the bathroom and i witnessed little flashes of lights. almost let me you would think a meteor shower. i alerted my daughter and husband to come see and the action died down but didn’t stop. my daughter got a grainy video but i won’t upload it unless you feel there’s an interest in our claim. it’s very grainy and poor quality. whitefish lake is where my parents lived and there are many stories that circulate the community of sightings in the 80’s/90’s. i’m juat sending in my stuff run in case there is some relevance to what we are experiencing. if i receive no response then we will just keep lookin king up!! we thought at first we were seeing a satellite. our feelingna were fear and excitement

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Credit: MUFON

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