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Saturday, September 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Warwick, Rhode Island on 2018-09-01 22:40:00 - Saw redish light rising behind trees from my backyard.

I was on my back deck with my telescope about to do some stargazing. when i noticed a red/orange light flicker in the distance through the trees from down the street. i thought it was just a street light at first and the wind blowing the trees around. then i saw it again and again. it had moved more to the left each time and climbed higher in the sky. i then realized it wasn't a street light. my first thought was a signal flair (it was that red) but moving more horizontal than vertical. i live right near an airport so i know it wasn't any plane. no blinking and too red, too bright. i was freaking out and ran inside to get my binoculars and told my wife to go look at it. it traveled slowly and steady in a south to north or se to ne direction. i ran out the front door with my binoculars as it was now beyond east. i could see it was round in shape with a brilliant white/yellow center and a thick glowing red spiked halo around it. it seemed to be flickering/pulsating/burning. i then ran back through the house and out back to grab my telescope but by that time i could no longer see it. this was around 10:40pm on 9-1-18 (give or take a couple minutes). maybe a comet/meteor but here was no tail and it was moving slow. i was so amazed i kind of got flustered. i should have just grabbed my phone and took a picture/video. this thing was huge. other people must have seen it. i would like to ad that this is my first time reporting (or seeing) anything like this.

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Credit: MUFON

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