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Thursday, September 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ocala, Florida on 1995-12-25 23:50:00 - Ufo appeared from almost due nw(330degrees)...About 50ft elevation...Abt 2-3 mph...No noise...Moved directly overhead...Never hovered. kept going towards the se...Abt 130degrees...Disappearing over the treetops.

Just before midnight 25 december 1995 i had occasion to be in my house with my brother-in-law and my spouse's 14 y.O. nephew. my spouse, sister-in-law and sister-in-law's 10 y.O. son were out front with my german shepherd sheena…who asked to go out and potty. if she did not we would have missed the incident as if it never happened. after a few moments i heard screaming from everyone. i grabbed my 9mm handgun and ran out front thinking the wild boars were back and threatening everyone. what i saw was life-changing...There was a ufo approaching my location. my sister-in-law was now on the ground in a fetal position and rocking catatonic-like and crying softly. it should be noted my sister-in-law has a morbid fear of ufos and etis. found this out when we lived in great falls, montana. no one can discuss ufos or etis around her. to use a word: she "freaks " out. as all were looking up and yelling and pointing i too noticed an object approaching. it appeared to originate approximately from the nw ( later determined to be approx. 330 degrees magnetic ). it appeared to be a classic saucer-shaped ufo object with what appeared to be a dome/observation area. nothing was noted in the dome... it was dark. the object began to slowly and silently pass directly overhead and cast a slight shadow. it should be noted my exterior front " flood lights " were on and they reflected some light onto the underside of said object providing an excellent view... while i was standing in the front yard looking up the object proceeded directly overhead and then over my house. as it went directly overhead i had a good look at the underside of said object. no apparent openings, doors, windows, wings, winglets or any other distinguishable features were noted. i could determine it was very dark gray...Maybe light black. no lights were observed anywhere on the object. if there were any they were not illuminated. no reflective surface was observed. the underside appeared to be "dull" in finish...Not shiny. no distinct pattern noted. definitely a solid object as the sky disappeared when directly overhead. it appeared to be 100-125 feet in circumference based on my property line and the size of my house. it was 90 degrees above me when it slowly passed overhead at approximated 2-3 mph ... a very slow walking speed. it never stopped...Never hovered. it appeared to have no interest in us. i estimated it was 50-60 feet in elevation for it completely cleared the trees with some room to spare. it moved effortlessly with absolutely no noise and no apparent propulsion system observed. no wind or any type of disturbance of the air was noted. no unusual smells were noted. as the object proceeded to pass over my house we all ran around back (except for my sister-in-law and spouse) and watched as it moved slowly over the small man-made lake opal as it cast a shadow on the lake. it continued on slowly ... never appearing to change speed but appeared to alter course ever so slightly and was now going due se magnetic (later determined to be approx. 125 degrees). we watched the object until it crossed lake opal and was lost as it proceeded above the tree line on the other side of lake opal. from 1st sighting to disappearance the incident lasted approx. 5 minutes. we almost had to call "911" for my sister-in-law but she was alright once the object was gone. we all kept repeating : " did you see that ? ". my ex-spouse and i talked about the incident for years...Right up until my ex-spouse crossed over in 2011. my ex-sister-in-law will not talk about the incident...And it is not brought up in her presence. my ex-spouse's now 37 y.O. nephew discussed the incident with me a month ago...Prompting my reporting the incident at this time. i have no contact with the one nephew...And the other...The 37 y.O. i talked with last month has a very " confidential " and "sensitive " position in an intelligence agency of the u.S. government in virginia so he can not be used as a witness. i spoke with him last month to determine if he remembered the incident as i do...And he did...Prompting me to finally make this report after all these years.

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Credit: MUFON

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