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Saturday, September 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Dallas, Texas on 1973-08-23 19:03:00 - It was 1973, almost dark, i was 7 years old and had been playing in my backyard when i noticed everything got still and quiet. i felt like i was being watched, i looked up and there was a medium sized craft about 15 ft away from me just sitting on the gr

It was 1973, i was 7 yrs old and we lived in a house in balch springs tx. it was dusk, getting near dark, and all at once everything went still and quiet, i felt like someone was watching me.I looked up , and about 15 ft. away from me, just sitting on the grass in our backyard was a medium sized craft, it was silvery with blue, green, yellow ,orangish red and red lights,just sitting there. when i seen it i began to hear a very low humming in my ears.And thelights kinda began to go off and on, like the simon game, kind of dancing. i wasnt afraid of it, even though i didnt know what it was, but i wasnt worried, it almost felt natural to me, which is weird since i didnt learn what ufos were until i was like 19.I have no recollection of running, yelling telling my mom all about it. i have no memory of even going indoors and going to bed, and i never told anyone because at 7 yrs. old i couldn't even explain what i had seen, but the event always stayed with me, and when i was 19 i seen a book at the library, i think it was called communion, or close to that name, and felt compelled to start reading it , and it was then that i finally realized what i had seen all those years ago as a young child. that was when i showed my mom and told her i had seen one that appeared out of nowhere in our backyard in balch springs when i was 7,and i never even seen it land, and i had been running around playing, and it hadnt been there then,but when i sat down, tired and still sitting in the grass, leaning over onto the concrete patio, drawing on it with chalk, and then the quietness that followed and the feeling of being watched, then upon noticing it the low humming and dancing lights, like it was telling me something.Since age 19 and since learning what ufos are, and that one of them was what i has seen ive been fascinated by them, but have also been afraid of telling my story because i don't want to be hurt or threatened by anyone that doesnt want me sharing it. my mom said i played outisde, alone for the 3years we lived at that house. i guess what confuses me the most is one...It was sitting on the grass so close to me and i never even heard or seen it get there and 2 that i didnt run yelling and screaming for my mom to come look what i see.. and 3 that i have no memory at all of going into the house after that.And 4 that it just felt normal to my 7yr old self, and it was anything but normal. and aslo, i have absolutely no memory of it leaving. since age 19 ,i have realized how strange it all was in 1973,having the expierence.Also, all i can give is apporximate minutes on how long i feel i watched it, i cant be sure of exact timing because i have no memory of it leaving or of the rest of that night, but the memory of the object, what it did, and how it felt has never left me. i would draw pics of it when i was young, but never realized what it was. , but i can remember the way it and its lights looked and acted like it was yesterday and its been 45 years now.

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Credit: MUFON

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