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Thursday, September 6, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Camrose, Alberta on 2016-03-14 09:14:00 - Wetaskiwin/ponoka/hobbema/camrose

In dealing with the rcmp, gang units, interpol with a cold case/missing persons case, all attributes are dealt with in the bounds of the law for safety reason. i have heard people stating they feel like the police aren't doing anything. i have heard how some commented how the rcmp and police have asked for space. i, myself asked the rcmp and police for space in dealing with being questioned in a cold case and missing persons case. the rcmp, gang units, interpol and the justice department are dealing with cease fire, that has to do with when i was talking with them about my practicum when i was in college and have been working on my bachelors for criminal justice. in trying to secure safety concerns and issues in regards to this case, the rcmp and gang units have been in contact with the justice department, federal court. they have also dealt with the solicitor general, as i have also. a basic need in life is safety. the rcmp, and police have court documents with the justice department in relation to this to support them. the rcmp and police have also been working with a sex crimes units. there have been a lot of issues and concerns around occults, religion etc. pedophiles use religion also for their abuses, this is not being allowed. in dealing with the concerns what called the 1800 century island, the rcmp and police have been dealing with this diligently with safety concern. a fatal report was being prepared which can lead to further recommendations in a court of law. the badgering, harassment issue is also being dealt with by the rcmp and police, hence with a bitchy face/ swass ass face and program. those are other issues around a court of law and legalities in a police case that deal with tampering with a witness and/ or minor. the rcmp and police have also had the attention of canadian national geographic, i notified them of the rcmp, gang units, interpol's cease fire program. i have also been in contact with national geographic and ancient aliens, the rcmp and police around me are aware of this.

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Credit: MUFON

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