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Sunday, September 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in San Bernardino, California on 2018-09-15 06:30:00 - Strange glowing orb like clouds seen above mountains in san bernandino, ca area.

I first noticed the strange shaped cloudlike lights on my way to work. it was early in the morning, around 6:30am, they could be seen due east right above the mountains. it caught my eye because of the strange shape, i am used to seeing planes and other aircraft in this area but this didn't resemble anything i've ever seen in the sky out here. so i took a few pictures with my phone and proceeded to work. while on the freeway i observed that the lights were still visible so i took my more pictures on the 215 and i-10 freeways that i take to work. i also noticed smaller lights that were emitting a reflective white light glow. these were hovering near the larger lights shown in the pictures i took. one of them actually disappeared while i was observing them as i was trying to figure out if it was a plane or something else. it simply vanished in the sky. once i got to work, inside the parking lot i took more pictures of these strange orange lights. i took a short video as well but unfortunately couldn't film for long because i had to go in to work. at this point though, the sun was coming over the mountains and the sunlight made it hard to see the lights anymore. and this is the time i went in to work which was at 7:00am

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Credit: MUFON

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