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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Willsboro, New York on 2018-08-31 21:05:00 - Large orange-red orb slowly flying with no sound along shoreline of lake champlain

I was sitting under a roofed porch at my father's lake house on the shore of willsboro bay (lake champlain) at around 9pm with my stepmother, husband, and 9-year-old daughter. my stepmother was the first to see the object coming over the treeline. her first impression was that it was a plane on fire heading towards us. she them alerted the rest of us to it. we walked off the porch onto the grass. the object was following the shoreline, not too far above us. it was moving slowly when it was nearest to us. it was an orb glowing (pulsating) mostly red but with orange as well. my husband says he saw something flash out of the back of it. it was traveling on a straight trajectory, going north towards the main lake (we are on the bay). my daughter looked at it through a pair of binoculars and told me that it looked like a circle. we all just stared at it in wonder trying to figure out what it was. by the time my husband finally clicked on his camera (on his phone) it was already some distance away. as it flew away from us, it seems to have sped up. eventually, it started to rise and then disappeared. my father also saw it towards the end (when he finally came out of the house). at first we thought maybe it was a drone of some sort, but it seemed too large and what really stands out is that it made no sound. we watched the video frame by frame, magnified, and some of the pictures below are snapshots of these frames. there is also a picture with a light in the shape of an arc on the top of the picture - my husband accidently shot this photo of the object while trying to take the video. afetr the incident, my husband thought of rational explanations. oddly, i always thought if i saw a ufo, i would be frightented but i felt completely calm and not frightened at all. still more oddly, before the incident, in the back of my mind i kept thinking "i am going to see a ufo tonight"! anyway, maybe there is a rational explanation for what we saw. i'm hoping mufon can shed some light on it.

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Credit: MUFON

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