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Friday, September 28, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Hockessin, Delaware on 2018-08-23 21:45:00 - It flew directly over my friend and i. it made no noise. it was triangular in shape. and there were two of them

My friend and i were looking at the starts one night around 9:45 pm at ashland nature center in hockessin de and saw what we thought to be a plane crashing in the distance. the plane looked as if it were on fire and plummeting down to the ground. as time passed, we realized that this was no plane. it was flying very close to the ground and had three exterior lights. the vehicle was triangular in shape and the lights were on the corners. there was a lead red blinking light on the front and two solid while lights on the rear two corners. we were sitting on top of a fairly large hill and could clearly see the shape and features of the vehicle. the surface of it was dark and almost invisible as if it was using some sort of camouflage technology. the size of the machine was very large. larger than most jets but smaller than a commercial air line. it appeared to be flat from the bottom. there was no noise and it seemed to be looking for something since it was moving very slowly. it flew directly over us and continued in a straight line into the distance. as it flew over i remember feeling scared and excited at the same time. i hid under a bench thinking about the possibility of being seen or abducted. i video taped this object as it got closer to me but i turned it off once it came close to get a good look at it. in the video you can clearly see the lights and flatness of the vehicle. then about 10 minutes later a second one flew in the same exact path except this time it had and extra white light on the rear of the vehicle. this one stopped and hovered about a half mile away from us, shined a light on the ground, and then continued at the same slow pace. the shape of it was confusing as it looked to be similar in shape to one of those osprey military helicopters. and somehow it appeared to be quieter than the first one that came by. both of the vehicles flew at a very slow pace and flew off into the distance and were observable the entire time. there was a third object that was flying extremely high in the sky at a much faster pace then the two others. it dropped altitude faster than i've ever seen and then immediately shot back up into the atmosphere. it shared the same light patterns as the others. i still don't know what to make of this experience since no one believes me except for my friend sara who lives in the neighborhood directly behind the nature center. she called me a couple weeks ago and told me she saw what i saw. the funny thing is that when i told her about my experience, she denounced it and thought that i was crazy. i even brought her to the spot one night in hopes of seeing something but to no avail. over the phone, she described to me the same exact objects that i saw. she said there were four of them and they were moving extremely sporadically and speeding up, slowing down, ascending, and descending. she was extremely shaken on the phone and was crying and talking hysterically until i was able to calm her down and accurately relay the event to me. she was with one of her friends at the time.

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Credit: MUFON

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