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Sunday, September 16, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Rockingham, North Carolina on 2018-01-31 00:00:00 - Shadow standing at the end of bed, and another walking up the hallway to parents bedroom.

This is me and my mothers story.. i usually sleep with my lamp on because i'm afraid of what i will see or what will happen to me if i have it off, it is kind of like my white protecting aura in a way. so one night i decide i wanted to try to sleep with it off, i have an xbox one and a charger that has a green glowing light that lights up the room like a night light would so i could see my room clearly. i fell asleep earlier than usual, and woke up to see a dark, tall figure/entity standing at the end of my bed, my xbox light made it clear there was something there; however i felt a bit weird; i wasn't scared more confused then anything. i turned my lamp on and it disappeared like dust, it was like it was never there. i didn't think anything of this at the current moment, maybe i was hallucinating because there is a thing called 'hypnagogic hallucinations'. however, the next evening every one was in the kitchen talking and i told my mothers partner about what i had seen and he said "you mum freaked out last night because of a dream". i then asked my mum what had happened and she got very freaked out about it. this is what happened to her at the same exact time as i saw this entity (she has a clock next to her tv). she said that she thought she heard her partner coming up the hallway from the kitchen, she said she heard footstep and it stopped at her bedroom door, she looked beside her and saw her partner instead sleeping next to her. she looks at the door to see a dark shadow figure standing at the door; she shoots up from bed and it disappears. we were both freaked out that we say the same type of entity at the same time period, i'm a strong believer in extraterrestrials and have always had crazy 'dreams' about them my whole life, lately now i wake up feeling strange every since that experience we both had.

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Credit: MUFON

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