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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Allen Park, Michigan on 2018-06-24 22:02:00 - Son asked me to look at a green hovering light in sky. observed. questioned if star/planet. started recording. hey

3132085484 was sitting with wife, watching tv, waiting for my son to get home when he called and said he was watching a light in the sky, moving around quickly. around 10pm he came in all excited, talking about a red light in the sky. he asked me to come look at it. i was reluctant to look because i was tired but he was adamant about it. when i first saw it, i thought i was looking at a star because it was white in color. i pointed out that he said it was red and blinking before he came to get me. after asking how and where he saw it. i noticed it changing to a red and green combination and wondered if i was seeing a helo’s port and stbrd running lights. but it was too still, even for a helo. a few seconds later it started blinking brightly and then got real dim and started to fluctuate back and forth from green to red. from there, as if all in one motion, it started pulsating rapidly back and forth very quickly, from green to red. a few seconds after that, it turned white and started blinking again in a steady but getting faster sequence. i started to get excited and amped up a little and wanted to get a better position to record it. so i ran up on my porch for a better vantage view but the tree branch foliage blocked the view. then i noticed it started slowing down in its sequence all the way til it stopped. it started to diminish in size and brightness til it stopped blinking and then went black.

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Credit: MUFON

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