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Sunday, September 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Trinidad, Colorado on 2018-09-15 20:25:00 - One of many objects thougth the nite!

Came out to lock up shed doors around 8 o"clock was facing west' out of the corner of my eye saw 2 moon lit objects flying one up, one down flying speed was one half of falling stars,heading west. i ran to see around the tree,as i look up both turned on a dime heading south as it disappeard over herizon. felt the hair on neck stand up,ran in house to grab binocuers,7x50 .Told my son about it and he said he seen it the nite before. we both ran out side: started to look up and out corner of eyes could track objects appearing out of now-were flying random flights looping,ziging straight lines turning on a dime!All areas of the sky;one-per ten secound.Had all lites turned off on house!Observed moon-lit objects for45 min.We both were talking as were seeing all of this and said it seems to be invisable.The yet the moons light reflecting a out- line of an orb !Called other family members ;thay all saw the same thing.My granddauther ran back in the house scared.Then my son said dad look north and what we saw was like a liter patch of starry sky was like a sworm of bees;flying in formation,flying north to south over head of us,seems the speed was one-half of the other objects,as it flew -over head we both said it look like the air-force in bombing formation with our naked eyes;as i used the binucers i obsired the orbs in a randem order flying in and out of order;like a swarm of bee's' heading south;there was over thirty orbs brighter then moonslite.Watch it intill it shifted west as it turned .Now my hair on body was at attenchion.Wow we called sister 3 blocks away,she and her husband looked straight-up at the sky and said they saw same thing with the orbs.It was a clear starry nite little bit of wind.Plan to watch the sky next nite. my son is now a beleiver as my wife; he recorded it on his smart phone but it recorded nothing;after the formation turned west we both noticted air- traffic seemed to appear out of nowhere,flying in different locations.We both said its weird! went back out at 1:30 am still seen single orbs doing strange flight patterns in nite sky!

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Credit: MUFON

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