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Sunday, September 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Indianapolis, Indiana on 2018-09-22 20:38:00 - Bright (planet sized) light travelled across night sky, no noise

Grilling out at my friend's house this evening after dark (mostly cloudy but still clear), when i looked up and saw what i thought was an airplane traversing west to east in the south sky. it seemed strange to me that the object or craft only emitted one solid light and no sound at all was to be heard. i pointed this out to my friend, who at first also thought it was a plane, but also noticed the fact that only one solid light was seen. we watched the object go from high in south sky towards the north east where it finally fell out of our view behind a cloud. the entire process probably took about a minute so i estimate that it was going at least 500 mph, maybe more, depending on how high the object was in the sky. this all happened at approximately 8:40 pm. i kept looking up the entire time while my friend was grilling some spectacular steaks, and 10 minutes later, i saw a second solid light in the south sky that appeared to be either descending, or traveling away from us dead south. this object also made no noise and fell out of sight behind a large cloud. between the two sightings, a jet airplane went overhead (as they often do in urban indianapolis) it made the typical jet noises, and had bright pulsating lights which beared no resemblance to the other lights i saw. i would like to also point out that my vision is near immaculate, and i stared down that first object really trying to find a flashing light but saw none. all it appeared to be was one solid light as part of some sort of craft. it also appeared to bank slightly sideways about midway through it's course because the light appeared to bend from a full circle to an oval for about 2-3 seconds, my grillmaster friend also noted that. he also took out his phone to record it after he also felt it was not a plane. i'm not sure if he got any video evidence, or how well his phone does with nighttime shots, i'll ask him tomorrow. if so, i'll add it to this report later if it's worth viewing. thanks for your time! ps: after we saw the this object, my friend told me of a strange orb-like, reflective, metallic looking object he saw in the sky while driving westbound on e 38th st in indianapolis about 5 years ago. he said it danced around almost like it was transporting from point to point far out in front of his vehicle. finally, he said it took off with incredible speed! i'll try to convince him to file a report although i'm pretty sure he did not know the exact date or time.

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Credit: MUFON

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