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Saturday, September 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Fernwood, Idaho on 2018-06-18 00:00:00 - Large, multi-light ufo 11 minute .30 second video follow-up to case # 92802

I took a total of 5 videos of this multi-light, large ufo between the hours of 11:30 pm june 17, 2018 and 2:40 am june 18, 2018. this particular video was the 4th video recorded. it was filmed on june 18, 2018 at 12:30 am, one hour after filming the video that was submitted to mufon on june 19, 2018, case # 92802. after watching the videos with a neighbor, i thought i’d send it to mufon as it shows the colors the ufo displayed better than the earlier submission. this video is 11 minutes and .31 seconds long. at 9 minutes .26 seconds, the video records several loud creaking/cracking sounds that i cannot explain. i was alone at my cabin and sitting still in a chair when the noise occurred. as close as i could tell, the sound originated from my cabins wrap-around deck that stands around five feet from ground level. originally, i thought i heard someone walking up the stairs to the deck, which wasn’t loud enough to be heard on video. that was followed by a creaking, then a cracking sound, which is clearly heard on the video. i have had deer and elk lean against the cabin to shield themselves from the cold or snowfall in the past, which can make a jarring sound in the dead of night, but this was not that sound. i’m not ashamed to admit that while videoing the ufo and hearing these sounds, a part of me considered tossing the camera aside to call a neighbor. i will be submitting the last (and 5th) video as soon as i can--i live in a location where only satellite internet is available, and it can take hours to download a video of any length. to me, the 5th video is the strangest of all due to the circumstances surrounding it. in this remote area of the idaho panhandle, there have been numerous reports of ufo activity by locals and visitors, although i’m sure that many who see strange lights in the sky keep it to themselves. after unexpectedly capturing a gray orb on video at dusk in may of 2018, i wondered if it was due to a defect in my camera. to test this theory, i filmed the next night at dusk and captured 3 gray orbs, one below the other (large, medium, small). they moved in synchronicity, as if tethered together, or caught in a force field. moving the camera up and down and from side to side, away from the orbs, they disappeared. moving the camera back to the location of the orbs, they reappeared. i no longer believed the anomaly i’d filmed was the fault of my camera. as an experiment, i began to take videos each night at dusk for the next 2 months. in all but three of over 60 videos, i captured either gray orbs, or black discs, or light-emanating orbs, and on several occasions, captured black, crescent-shaped ufos on video. several videos caught both gray orbs and black discs. in the 9 years i’ve lived here, star-like ufos are seen in the night sky, usually numbering from 3 to 7 on clear nights. they flash red, green, blue around the middle and emit brilliant white light on the top and bottom. they hover, rather than remain stationary. on occasion, i’ve witnessed them zigzag across the sky or shoot down to the mountainside. i believe the remoteness of this location, heavy minerals, and a large population of white tail deer and elk are what draw ufos to this area of the idaho panhandle.

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Credit: MUFON

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