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Saturday, September 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2018-09-08 00:00:00 - Daily sighting....Not a weatherballoon...Better equip req'd

From my patio, i have spent all summer and (when warm) previous days watching the same object over and over again daily. it is basically in the same place; i know where to look but occassionally have to 'scan' the area. it also drifts but not with the wind, it moves extremely slowly ---if it moves at all. at times i will also find this in a completely different area of the sky but only by happenstance. this it is not a weather balloon. i have also seen, once again over ucla, 3 other smaller objects ---that have met up with what i consider this 'main object'. this is similar to a previous sighting that i have had in the same area (and posted on your site). the main object is larger, and can at times be seen somewhat easily by the naked eye (no details but bright enough when close enough). the other 3 objects, when seen, have only been by 'luck or happenstance' when/after locating the 'main object' with 10x40 binoculars. there were only 2 days when 'my luck' offered me viewing of the additional 3 objects, and they too could be seen with the naked eye (barely, but only after using binos and attempting to then carefully look and find them in the sky above near the main object.) this summer, not a day has gone by that i can't find 'the main object' (w-the obvious exception of our foggy days). it has slowly however moved to a different location over the past month or so. i have purchased a spotting scope (30-90x90mm) and tripod recently in an attempt to get a better view/image of this object; sadly though, money was tight and while it helped me get a better look ---it just ain't the best quality and getting even decent images are tough. the 'main object' (with spotting scope) appears to look like a slightly slanted wht/silvery parachute (think jellyfish angled slightly sideways without it's strands). while unsure, this slight sideways angle that i see does seem strange (vs flat saucer we all have seen/imagine) but since my binos only offer me a wht/silvery spot (sun is always reflecting off of it).... the scope has now given me a better view. however, i am not sure i can completely trust the scope. the scope works well for ground viewing far away, but once you move up into the sky with the distance of this object ---perhaps all gets a bit funky (although high-flying birds looks just fine and fab). sadly though with the distance of this object and my less than highend equipment.... i will never know exactly what i am seeing.... other than knowing that i am definitely seeing something that is strange in the sky, is not normal, and is what i consider to be a ufo. i have also seen (either the main object? or its smaller associates?) interact with planes. these moments have required either plane-contrail-weather or clouds in the sky; not fog or big clouds.... but just enough to offer slight concealment. these moments have been caught with my binos only because after the first time i saw this happen (with naked eye) have i since been trying to catch this moment again with very high-flying planes & binos. i have seen this interaction approx 3-4 times. in fact, i've seen enough that when a very high-flying plane is visually sighted, i run for my binos in case i can catch a similar moment again. during my viewings of this kind of scenario, i have also seen this/these objects seemingly 'play around the flying plane' then literally change color?/disappear? and then suddenly appear somewhat behind in the plane's 'left-behind' contrails. the pics i've posted are of the 'main object' only. they consist of: 1) spotting scope viewing with phone attachment to eyepiece. pics taken are the best i could do. although it may look like it, the object was not moving; the orientation changes only due to my efforts at getting a decent pic. i would welcome someone from mufon (or other ufo agency) with higher end equipment than mine to visit me and possibly take us all to the next level when we know 'where and when to look' on a good day of viewing (obviously not the normal scenario). i know this object can be captured better than via my own attempts, and perhaps after all that i have seen (numerous posts here plus numerous viewings not posted here.... for yes, one can sound a bit desperate (or crazy) and i would rather not be one of 'them') ---i believe that my present location can help with proof. and so as not to ramble any further here, anything not covered in your 'sighting questionaire form' can further be answered via phone should you find this information enough to contact me via email. as mentioned prior ---pics are attached. ps: once visual sighting occurs from my patio, bearings can be taken and then perhaps y'all can move on over to the park at the end of the block. that would possibly offer you 24/7 efforts without further intrusion upon my little life at home. but remember ---i get credit should anything come of this!! :)

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Credit: MUFON

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