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Friday, September 7, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Black Triangle Sighting in Scott Depot, West Virginia on 2018-09-06 21:25:00 - Looked like google image of typical triangle ufo. moved like normal airplane, made plane engine noise. 3 yellow lights unblinking, 1 red in middle.

On 9/6/2018 dad and i were watching a movie in the family room, 'salmon fishing in the yemen.' i was lying on the floor when i noticed a light in the sky moving outside the window. it seemed weird, not like a normal plane light, probably because the lights weren't flashing. i got up and went to the sliding glass door. i said, 'hey dad, there's a *weird* airplane!' i wanted him to see it in case he might know what it was. it looked exactly like the typical triangle ufo that i have seen many pictures of, with three yellow lights on the points of the triangle, and one red light in the center, and the lights weren't blinking. it moved at medium speed making a noise like a normal airplane engine and behaved exactly like an airplane, no sudden movements. it was going from west to east. i opened up the door and went out on the porch in the dark. dad was trying to come after me and trying to keep misty the cat from getting out the door at the same time, and then he couldn't get across the deck in the darkness fast enough to see it. it went past the corner of the house (up in the sky) where we couldn't see it. i went around the corner of the deck to where i could see it, but dad hadn't gotten there yet. 'get misty! get misty!' he said, because she had gone out the door and was now coming across the deck to where i was, so i picked her up and opened the mudroom door and put here there. the thing was still flying at medium slow speed, and i got a good look at it, but dad got around the corner of the deck right when it was disappearing behind the tree branches on the horizon, so he barely saw just a little bit of light. he said, 'it was probably just a plane taking off from huntington.' the only unusual thing about it was that the lights weren't blinking and the arrangement of the lights was a triangle. i recognized the image and i had seen it many times before on the internet. so it didn't even really seem 'unidentified' to me. it's more accurate to say 'unacknowledged.' it felt like a familiar, run-of-the-mill, typical unacknowledged craft, nothing new or unusual about it, except that i've only seen them in pictures. i was curious about it but not scared, and it didn't do anything that gave me any weird feelings. it was more entertaining and interesting than anything else. i just wondered if this was something that was normal around here and dad might know what it was, because i'm just here visiting for a few weeks, so i thought maybe dad was seeing these things all the time or something. so i was disappointed that he didn't get out there fast enough to see it. i was wondering if some wealthy person was visiting this area on an errand and why they would need to be flying their classic old spacecraft and showing it off. (i had read that these triangle craft were now 'hand-me-downs.') i figure lots of other people around the area probably saw it too, but i haven't talked to any neighbors to ask them and i don't know a lot of people nearby, so i really don't know how many others saw it. but it was easy to see and it wasn't being secretive at all.

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Credit: MUFON

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