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Sunday, September 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sparta, Missouri on 2018-09-12 22:30:00 - Strange lights in the south hemisphere very far away it did a sharp up sweep towards the east and then assendend towards us very fast hoovered above head 100ft changed light good view of shape & then left north

My son & i stepped outside around 10:30 pm in sw missouri immediately saw strange lights in the southern hemisphere the lights made a quick up sweep in elevation and sharp directional change to the east.They then decended very quickly to just above our head where it hoovered and changed it's lights. we both got a good look at it and heard the same noises. it sounded like someone took the sounds of a motorcycle and a helicopter and ran them through a synthizer. the sound was very consistent there was no timing variation. i could only describe the shape as a giant wheel with a pointy hammerhead sharks head with points on the front end had a red light on the right and blue in the left the pulsated. the top behind the front end had green and a almost neon blue to purple color. while it was hoovering overhead the green & purple flashed white for a split second & we got a good look at the shape in that moment. it then continued on north east and ascended rapidly until it was so high it was just a speck. the whole event was maybe 5 minutes. it was pleasant the vibe was kind and we did not feel threatened in anyway. it was a truly amazing experience.

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Credit: MUFON

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