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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Cortlandt, New York on 1995-11-20 03:30:00 - Came along side my car flying on a off a cliff matched my vehicle speed for 60 yards then took off

Back in november 1995 i was driving at 3:30am on this road we call the goat trail here in new york rout 202 41.315360, -73.975610 that goes up a mountain to the bear mountain bridge. while i was driving this huge bright object comes along side of my car flying along side of the cliff slows down to match my speed for like 50 yards and then shoots off over the bear mountain bridge following the hudson river. when i looked over at it startled me thinking it was a car passing me. i noticed it was oval shaped and no sound came from it at all it was like 75 feet long i watched it fly away over the bear mountain bridge and continue at high speed following the hudson river. after i crossed the bear mountain bridge i pulled over and asked the person in the toll booth if they saw it and they said they saw a huge light go over the bridge. i also noticed i had some lost time that morning of about 20 minutes because when i saw the object it was 3:30 am because i remember looking at the time on my clock in the car right before it happened. then when i pulled over by the toll booth it was 3:50am when i got out of the car. the toll booth was not more than 4 minutes away from where i saw the object.

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Credit: MUFON

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