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Thursday, September 6, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Wetaskiwin, Alberta on 2016-05-09 07:10:00 - Camrose/wetaskiwin/ponoka/hobbema

In dealing with the rcmp, gang units, alert, toronto police cold case unit, interpol another aspect of aliens was brought up. through out history there has been identified spiritual leaders. such as the ellora caves, they are a registered historical site with the united nations. which is also featured on ancient aliens, also recognized as where spiritual leaders, the budda, hindu and jain lived. they cannot explain how these caves came into existence, they exists and that is proven. a lot of cultures have a belief in some one/something not totally human as a spiritual leader. in parts of asia, such as the dalia lama their spiritual leaders are confirmed by reincarnation. reincarnation is one the most up held belief systems in the world, recognized by the united nations. the united nations have their own police. i have been working with the rcmp and police on this aspect. can they necessarily explain everything? probably not neither can i, nor could i as a child. if they can prove something, a variable to be consistently true in the bounds of the law, respecting safety, then they need a new legal definition. i have had some cultures etc, who asked for time with me. this was verified by the rcmp. i gave the rcmp and gang units, police permission as having been identified as a victim, to help deal with where i was questioned in regards to being a missing persons in a cold case, for safety reasons. in policing, the police deal with a victim and a criminal and safety. it came to my attention, where i was suppose to have been sequestered in relation to being questioned about being a missing persons myself in a cold case, with the help of a retired rcmp member that i have identified was like a father figure to me, like a papa bear. that someone without my knowledge permission and consent started a email in regards to this subject, as i was asked as to why i was no responding to my emails. that is fraudulent and deceitful terms and the rcmp, and police were notified of this and given permission to secure that, and secure other matter of safety around my self as a public figure. in a case where this goes back to when i was a young child, it is dealt with at the age it happened. that is a policing decision, where interpol, the fbi, rcmp etc have been involved. on the issue of cease fire, cesus and kids, their schools etc. i would redirect people back to the police, they are very aware of this. same like how someone says he is a king under fraudulent terms, that has been reported to the police and national defense. in a case that deals with someone as a young child, it can also bring out a lot of perpetrator issues. i have reported these issues to the police myself as i have been harassed about perpetrator, pedophile issues that were not true for me growing up, have heard about it with some program out of ponoka.

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Credit: MUFON

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