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Sunday, September 2, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Benson, Arizona on 2018-08-31 23:30:00 - I saw it come rapidly from the west. then the triangle shape with lights at each corner remained stationary

I was on my back patio smoking a cigarette before bedtime.I was looking south towards sierra vista/ft.Huachuca arizona out of the corner of my eye i caught a flash of light traveling west to east at a rapid rate of speed. looking directly south this light abrubly stoped. looking south if as a clock and 12 being directly south it stopped at 1 o'clock. when it stopped and remained stationary i could see a faint triangle shape in the dark it was dull and dark but nearly indishtinguisable from the night sky. it had a brillant light on all three corners..The two western corners were white with a yellow almost orange glow,the corner pointing east was white but with a reddish glint. i watched for about 5 min. it remained stationary. i then sought out my partner to come take a look...Which he did...All the while it remained ststionary. he also obsereved for about 5 min. he went back to bed as i continued to watch the object. it while staying in the same place spun around or took a 1/ turn ehrn it did the lights changed colors so they were the same ad before it turned or spun. i watched a bit longer took specific note of size and location thinking maybe it eas a natural star pattern id not noticed before. i thought that well i will look there saturday eve sept.1 at the same time thinking if its a natural feature it will be there then and i could forget it. i did look sat.Eve at the same time at the same place..There was nothing...So i decided that i must have been witness to a ufo and should report it. and maybe check and see if anyone else might have seen this object in the southern arizona sky.

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Credit: MUFON

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