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Monday, September 3, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Southaven, Mississippi on 1990-10-05 01:00:00 - I walked out to it hovering almost directly over my house. it travelled straight line to a treeline half a mile away and returned the same path straight line. i was then abducted.

When i was young my sister and i would sleep in the screened-in porch on cool spring and fall nights. on a cooler than usual night when i was 10 she didn't want to sleep out there in the cooler conditions. that night my cat woke me up. i assumed to let him out since he did that on normal occasions. he went out the door and froze about halfway to the shed. he made it about 15ft before he froze staring up. i called his name and he did not respond. i stepped out the porch door and immediately noticed how it was strangely windy. windy, but quieter than you'd expect. our rabbit was running laps at full blast in his pen. i looked at the pine trees swaying in the wind and that's when i noticed the craft above me. it was hovering not quite directly over me. it was triangular with rounded edges like a yield sign. it was dark grey or a lighter black color. it had a large center light that was a light orangish color. lights at the three points were blue and small white lights in a triangular shape bordering the large center light. the aircraft was huge. at least over 300ft across. it hovered for about 20 seconds as i stood there not sure of what i was seeing, straight line travelled to the treeline about a half mile away, hovered for about 5 seconds, then returned the same path in a straight line back to the exact previous position. as soon as it stopped i was immediately afraid. i was only 10, but had seen many planes and military craft because it was something i liked. i looked at it about 5 seconds and don't recall anything else. i woke up in my dad's recliner the next morning to the sound of my sister and grandmother making breakfast. i wasn't sure how i made it inside and was missing my shirt. i also had a large scar covering my right ribcage just below my pectoral muscle extending to my lateral muscle. it was not there before and vaguely resembled a burn scar with a bumpy texture. the color has evened out, but still has the odd texture. i immediately told my family what had happened, but they kinda laughed and said it was just a dream. i insisted it wasn't and said i never walked in the house. they still scoffed until i said, "where's my shirt, then?" we looked everywhere and it was never found. it quickly became a subject we never talked about again.

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Credit: MUFON

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